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Moi dix Mois - instore event at 渋谷ZEAL LINK


Moi dix Mois had their first instore event today, at Zeal Link in Shibuya.
Thankfully the weather was really nice, albeit a bit cold, as we knew we'd have to wait outside for some time (Have bad experience with Versailles photo event and heavy rain). Zeal Link is, like every vk music store, quite small. We arrived about half an hour before the doors opened, met up with a few other friends and watched the poor store people carry boxes up and down the narrow stairs. We would all be given posters for the band to sign during the event, so I guess these were the boxes they had been stored in until then. It was surprisingly few people there at the time, but a little while after 13:30, the line of people grew very long, and we had to be moved somewhere else to not completely block the street.

I was number 169, and had to wait outside for about an hour, but it was a nice chance to talk to people since the event itself would be quite short. A surprising number of Art Cube fans showed up, even people who haven't been going to the lives lately. (With the AC members not coming out to talk to fans after lives, I suppose people want to utilize all the opportunities they get to say a few words in person to Seiji).We were let into the store's basement in groups of ten at a time, and when I finally got inside, we had to line up again while the people in front of us greeted the members. Appreciated this short time inside to try and make my hands a bit warmer before shaking everyone's hands ^^; They were ice cold by then.

First up was Sugiya. He's always really shy and adorable on stage, so I was surprised to see him so talkative and open at this event. He looked like he really wanted to talk, and obviously waited for me to say something, but I don't really know him that well so I didn't know what to say ^^; Sent him a message online now instead. But as I moved on to Hayato, Sugiya turned to him and said "It's the girl from Art Cube's lives!", lol. I don't think he meant to say it quite so loudly. I looked back at him and started laughing, and he looked like he was thinking "oops, she heard that? ^^;" and started laughing himself, as did Hayato.
Third was Seth (not wearing any eyepatch today), who concentrated really hard on writing his signature on my poster. When he eventually looked up, he noticed who I was and gave me a huge smile :D I greeted him with an "ohhahou", though slightly out of place at a Moi dix Mois event, it made him laugh ^^ He thanked me, and I could go over to K - Who was actually kinda scary this time. Just sitting there staring, not saying a word or responding to a smile. He was like that with most people I asked, so I don't know what's up. Same with Art Cube's oneman last week too; just staring - And he's usually a really sweet guy despite his image. It would have been fun trying to speak with him in English, since he's quite good at it, but since he behaved so differently from the previous three smiling and laughing guys, I ended up just going to Mana instead. (Seth managed to (not intentionally) make K, and all the others, laugh later on though. He gave a loud and very mispronounced "sankyuuu!" to a friend of mine whom he hadn't met and therefore didn't know if understood Japanese x) )
Mana looked quite good in a white shirt and black pants. I've always preferred him with more natural make-up + hair, and a toned down outfit. And Mana's handshake is definitely the one that leaves a bigger impression on you at an event like this. Really firm, but at the same time gentle, and he manages to convey a lot of feeling through his eyes when he stares at you. He added the last signature to my poster, and handed it to me. And thus the event was over.

I hope they'll be able to do more instore events in the future from now on. And most of all, a talk event where we can ask them various questions and get to know them better.

On our way to the store ^^


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