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Versailles @ iPressCafe


Was one of the lucky few who managed to get a ticket for Versailles' talk event in Shibuya yesterday. I had never been to iPressCafe before. It was a really small place, and we were probably fourty-something people there. Because tickets were obtained through a lottery, and so few could participate, most people were there alone. Some awkward silence to begin with, no one knowing eachother, but it ended up being a nice opportunity to make new aquaintances. They had put the ticket numbers of the only two foreigners there together, but it turned out the only language we had in common was Japanese anyway ^^; But it's always fun meeting new fans from overseas :)

Before entering the cafe, they gave us a bag with Versailles picture, a donut, drink, and a card.
Because of the small size of the cafe, they could only seat about 20 of us. The rest would have to stand in the back of the room. So as we entered, they did a lottery of who would get the chairs, and thankfully I was one of those who did get to sit.
I could only take pictures after the event had ended, and they'd removed some of the decorations. But they had put up lots of red roses for the event itself. The rest of the room was covered in pictures and posters of the band. There were four big TV screens showing footage from the South American tour, as well as their three newest PVs. A fifth screen was showing the 3D version of one of their lives.
I didn't bring a proper camera, and my cellphone's a bit old so it doesn't take great pictures. But at least it's something:

The event started with Masashi entering on his own. He talked for a little while before calling the other members into the room. I was surprised at how much he was actually talking at this event. I'm so used to Kamijo leading the conversation, but most of the talking was done by Masashi and Yuki. It was a talk event, so it consisted of the members answering various questions. And Masashi was the one leading the entire talk. I suppose it's a way of getting to know him a bit better, as the newest member. He kept forgetting to answer questions himself though, and the audience had to remind him more than once. 

The first thing he said was that the band should sign one of the huge band pictures on the wall. There wasn't much space to move, and they were wearing their latest costumes, so it took some time for them all to get to the end of the room. Teru was being silly as usual:
Not sure how well you can tell from the photo, but he wrote てる in big writing all over his picture.

As Kamijo was signing his part, he noticed his face was cut in half, and went "wait...what the...?" in a surprised voice. He then checked all the other pictures, and he was cut through on all of them ^^; 


The questiones were centered around Christmas, and the first one was what the individual members' Christmas meals were. I think all of them answered 'chicken' in one form or another. Hizaki specified that he ate karaage from Lawson. He had gotten up early to go to KFC, but the line had been too long. Kamijo said he now eats chicken for Christmas, but when he was a kid they would always eat curry. He didn't really know why, and admitted it didn't have much to do with the holidays. Yuki looked around to see if any cafe staff was nearby, apologized, and said he likes to eat at Mister Donut x)

All the members commented on the choosing of names for their special donuts (The cafe is selling a limited donut for each member this week). Kamijo's is called "ハニーぼん!" (honey bun), so Masashi asked if it was related to "Bonjour Honey!" (similar pronounciation in Japanese), but apparently it didn't have anything to do with that. The name of Yuki's donut is a play on words..."おいしくてこ抹茶う". He was drunk when they called him asking him to come up with a name, and he thought it was a bother having to do so. Hence the こ抹茶う-part. I have no idea what Hizaki meant when asked about the name of his; "ラブ注入". He jumped up, grabbed his armpit, and struck a dramatic pose... He'd do that several times, every time he was asked about the name.

For their ideal Christmas, Teru wanted to do a live, but he was happy he could at least spend the day with fans at the event too. Yuki would like to do something romantic, or alternatively go to an onsen. Masashi suggested he'd take Teru to a hot spring. This lead up to Teru and Yuki having to get up and dramatize a conversation. Yuki told Teru he should be the girl, to which Teru gave a loud "Oi!!" in protest, lol. Teru was quite good at imrovising though. Yuki... not so much. And he seemed kinda embarrased and had to use a folding fan to cool down for a while after sitting down in his seat again.

They were asked what they would do after the event. According to Kamijo they are in the middle of recording at the moment, so they would continue working on the music. Hizaki said he'd go see Luna Sea, and asked if any of us were going too. 

All the members seemed really relaxed and open. Maybe because of the small number of people. We were able to comment on things they said, and they would answer back in an informal and jokingly manner. We had some time to spare at the end of the talk, and Kamijo let us ask questions freely then. Most people were a bit shy about asking though, so eventually Kamijo started choosing people on his own - "You! Ask a question!" ^^; Embarrassing.
The talk only lasted for about 30 minutes, but it was really fun, and the band looked like they were enjoying themselves a lot too. It was nice having the opportunity to do such a small and intimate event since we nowadays rarely get to see them outside of big concert halls.

Met up with a couple of other people after the live, and we decided to try the special Versailles donuts.

The three in the front are: Hizaki, Yuki, Kamijo. The two in the back: Masashi, Teru.

I'm really glad I didn't eat the donut we were given earlier *_* Even with three of us sharing them between us, we had trouble finishing those five donuts. I enjoyed Hizaki's the most. Though I'm not sure it's because it had strawberry sauce, or simply because that's the one we ate first. By the time we got to Masashi's and Teru's I think we'd all had enough already, and those two were the sweetest ones ^^; But we ate it all :D

On the topic of Versailles...
Received some nice Christmas and birthday cards from them recently :)


(My birthday was almost five months ago, so they were a bit late, lol) 

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