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This live was fun :D Big group of friends attending the live; six people from various countries. With the exception of a couple of people, the entire front row consited of foreigners x)

THE VELVET was the second band, so we didn't have to wait long at all. Mostly new/unreleased songs on the setlist this time. I wish they'd mix it up a bit more, but at least there was Poison and Heroine. Missed some of the more heavier songs like Shiroi karasu and Victor. I wanted to headbang more ^^; But we're guaranteed to get more old songs at the next live, since that will be another sponsored event :D

Mai was replaced by a different support drummer for this live. Should I know who he is? We were told it's a drummer we should all be familiar with... But I wasn't able to place his face (not that I could see him too clearly from where I was standing), and MiMi didn't introduce him. He did a good job, but I'm looking forward to seeing constantly smiling Mai back there on the 9th.

Bera looked extremely happy today. I think our entire group of people was trying to show him as much support as possible, and having lots of fun at the same time, so I guess that reflects on the musician too. We were all jumping up and down during Seijaku (like we're supposed to do, but often sort of...don't.), so maybe that amused them. I like Bera's smile and blowing of kisses for us ^^

After the live, we had some errands to run at the goods table. The staff wasn't there at the moment though, and while we waited I snuck a photo of their cute little table :) Polkadots!

Only now did I notice Poison's small note says "2st single", aww.

(@wingsinacage : their new anketo has a random picture of a ferris wheel!
My friend drew Godzilla attacking it before giving it to them, lol)

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