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Midnight Circus 第5怪

Last day of my vacation. Got to end it with a live featuring two of my favourite bands :D

THE VELVET had been cool enough to invite Art Cube to participate in their sponsored event. I hope Art Cube will return the favour at their own event in March.

1. 蓮華宙 (rengechuu)
2. 戒幻郷 (kaigenkyou)
3. 花陽影 (hanahikage)
4. Pain~ wing…
5. 失楽蝶 (shitsurakuchou)

Kind of a dull set this time, but as expected they ended up being the last band playing before Velvet, so I suppose a setlist with less violent songs was a good thing at this particular live.

During the MC Seiji greeted us with a loud "akeo!", to which we would answer "me!" (Akeome is an abbreviation of akemashite omedetou, meaning 'happy new year'). He wasn't happy with our level of enthusiasm, and told us we should shout it with fury. To achive said fury, we were to think of how we, even as girls, didn't have breasts as large as Art Cube's vocalist does. lol, oh Seiji...

Some of you asked about the keitai strap they're selling now. Here's a picture of the standard AC-version and the Zeta-version:

The white part of the macarons has tiny gold beads. Really cute, buy I wonder how sturdy they are though... Seems like they might break easily if I have them on my phone and then carry that around in my bag. But they're not expensive, and they're home made, so I guess that's part of the charm. They're made by Seiji, and he's probably using one of those do-it-youreself deco kits that you can buy at Tokyu Hands.  (The wrapping came complete with his fingerprints still on it).
The plastic strap with Art Cube's name will probably survive a lot longer.

There wasn't much time for other things than playing their songs, and their set went by quickly without any trouble. Moving on to the seventh, and last band of the evening.

^That's the new poster that's up at AREA now. Difficult to take a decent picture of it without the lights reflecting on the poster itself. They still have one of the best spots on the wall, and the thing is huge!

1. 真夜中のサーカス (mayonaka no circus)
2. 愛憎倒錯遊戯 (aizou tousaku yuugi)
4. プラスティックドール (plastic doll)
6. クライベイビィ (crybaby)
7. ヒロイン (heroine)
8. ストリッパー (stripper)
9. 狂った夜に (kurutta yoru ni)
10. 白いカラスは眠れない (shiroi karasu wa nemurenai)
11. 静寂は凶暴 (seijaku wa kyoubou)
- encore -
12. 君が見た夢 (kimi ga mita yume)

Too bad they didn't have time for the second encore that was planned. It was a bit strange to end the live with a song like "kimi ga". Last one was probably supposed to be "Victor", which would have fitted better being a lot more lively. But if there wasn't time, there's nothing to do about that. (I'll just give up on hoping for RIDE ON ME...^^;)

I was very happy to hear LOVE ROCK LOVE though :D Even if it was a short version of it. I'd love to hear more of Bera's songs and see what the "new" Velvet could make of them. As they were playing it, MiMi walked across the stage, closing the curtain after him, pretending the live was over. We stood there in complete darkness for a moment, before his head peeked out at the side of the stage, telling us they were just kidding. He was cute.

MiMi was trying to get more people to write the anketo this time. Saying that they had a big announcement, but only those who wrote an anketo would receive the new flyer, where this announcement would be written. (I didn't write one ^^; Cheated by receiving zeldana 's flyer). The new one is the one on the right in the top picture (purple polkadots), and the big announcement is the release of a new single! :) It's called 幻影フィクション (genei fiction) and will be released on March 24th. The title track is a song they've already played live a couple of times. Don't know what other song(s) on it would be.

The birdcages made a return for "shiroi karasu". This time it was placed over my head by Bera. MiMi put one over his own head and continued singing like that, lol. Was a fun event; don't think I have anything bad to say about it. Even chiro dared to run over to our side of the stage for a couple of seconds, before being pushed out of the way XD A lot of people stayed behind to watch them this time, which was nice, and Art Cube's fans joined in on the furi etc. in the front. Would be great to see both bands together again.  


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