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UnderGround Party @ 神楽坂EXPLOSION

Second live of the weekend was THE VELVET at Kagurazaka Explosion.

I had never been to this livehouse nor visited that part of the city before. Was a bit worried about finding the place, but I think it's actually the easiest to find venue I've ever been to, although it took several train changes to actually get there. The venue was right outside the station exit, and it was kinda fun going to a completely new place for a change. But it was tiny! I've never seen a livehouse this small before. The few goods tables there took up half the room. Also the stage was almost level with the floor, with no barrier, so that was a bit awkward. I never really know what to do with my arms when there's nothing to lean on ^^; And this way we were pretty much face to face with the guys in front of us (Thank goodness they're tall). Was wondering how the headbanging and gyakudai would go, but we managed somehow. (In a way the lack of a bar/stage gave us more freedom, albeit worse balance)

Velvet was the fifth band, so there was lots of time to just hang around talking with the others. The place had some benches in the back, so we could chill out there for a while. A girl who used to follow the guys back in Velvet Eden + the first period of THE VELVET when Reina was still the vocalist showed up, and she brought some goods from way back then to show us. This included the schedule for a weekend-long fan trip with the band (Like Versailles did not too long ago). I can't even imagine them arranging something like that now... We would be what.... 5 people going? ^^; But it looked really interesting. Hope it was a success back then at least.

They had a completely different intro tune than usual; rock rather than something by Danny Elfman, and the members entered the stage one by one, which is rare (They're usually already there when the curtain opens). Their setlist was also more rock based than usual I think. That was fun! They still played Heroine and Plastic Doll, but the rest were all livelier songs like Seijaku, Aizou, Victor and SORROW. I don't know what's up with the guitar parts of Plastic Doll... Bera always manages to mess it up - today's mistake was even worse than usual. I play a few instruments myself, so I'd like to try and play this one just to see what part is causing all this trouble. It's only this song. It's not a big deal, and I just ignore it at lives, but everything else he plays is perfect most of the time, so it doesn't make sense that he'd make mistakes so often with PD...
But it was a great live :) Lots of silly "fanservice" attempts to laugh at. (Probably not the desired reaction, but some of the stuff really does look silly. Usually that's MiMi's fault.) I hope they keep the new intro for a few more lives. It was nice being able to cheer them on individually as each of them entered. Bera was the only one who utilized this opportunity though, circling around the entire stage, showing off. The others just went to their spots. 

Like at the live on December 27th, they had a different support drummer than usual: Haruka, previously a member of Wizard. He was scheduled to appear at their live next week too, but that event got cancelled. So maybe we'll see him again in February instead. I don't know this guy at all, but he's doing a good job and he smiles a lot :) (This guy) 

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