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Art Cube's second instore event took place at Jishuban today :)

About the same number of people as last year showed up, some new faces among them too. As with most events involving a "talk" part at this store, we filled out a paper before the event started, including a question from each of us for the band to answer. The event lasted for about an hour, so there wasn't time to answer all the questions, but they selected a handful of them and spent some time giving interesting and fun answers. Let's see what I can remember.

Last year Nobu wasn't able to participate due to a broken arm, so I'd been looking forward to hearing what he had to say :) The band entered the store after we'd sat down, wearing their current colourful costumes. They did a short self-introduction; Yossy clearly being as nervous as he'd been last time, and having to be reminded by Seiji to speak into the mic. It's kinda adorable. Shiziku introduced himself as ドS, (for those of you familiar with the Japanese obsession with defining yourself as S or M.)

I don't think any of the questions asked had anything to do with music this time... The first one was "What's your favourite type of onigiri?" Nobu likes ume (plum), while Seiji's favourite is okaka - which I think includes some sort of chopped bonito (?) My onigiri knowledge is pretty limited as I almost never eat it (Not a fan of nori). Yossy's answer was the same. He said he had seen Seiji's mother appear on a television cooking show and was introduced to okaka onigiri through that. The look on Seiji's face when his mother was mentioned...lol. He tried to quickly end the discussion, but Jishuban staff (The guy reading the questions) continued to ask him about it. Apparently his mother had appeared on some kind of cooking contest on TV around 5 years ago.

They were then asked what their ambitions for this year are. Seiji said he'd been planning on walking more. But since he lives in the city, every time he tries to go for a walk, he ends up just going from one conbini to another. Nobu really likes to go fishing, so he'll be doing that together with Yossy. Shizuki started talking about something completely random instead... It's impossible to repeat all of the things he said, and it's not going to make much sense (It didn't when he was talking about it either, and he said himself this would probably turn out like his blog entries; without meaning). He started describing a line of ants walking towards their colony. If you disturbed the line, they would scatter a bit and look up at you while waving their antlers, as if they were saying "Hello". He then told us about a conversation he'd seen some ants having(?) trying to get some stuff through the hole into the colony itself... It really didn't make sense, but it made everyone including the other members laugh a lot. He's definitely the most random guy in the group, and seems to be a fun person to hang around.

(@zeldana . lol) The third question was "If you were stranded on a deserted island and could only bring one item, what would it be?" Yossy would bring his dog. Jishuban staff: "oh yeah, that's a good idea. You could eat that." Yossy: "wtf?" lol  He said he'd bring it so he wouldn't be all alone. Staff said the dog would probably eventually eat him instead then. Seiji suggested he'd bring a lighter. He didn't trust his own ability of creating fire by hand, and he'd need fire for making food, keeping warm etc. Nobu's answer was the same. Shizuki said "Well, if those two are bringing lighters, I'll bring lots of cigarettes! :D"

They were then asked what their first impression of each other was when they first met. Yossy described Nobu as having the same smell as himself and thought it was because they both are from the Tohoku region. Nobu denied feeling the same way. What Yossy noticed about Seiji was that he spoke in a very polite manner (using honorific forms). The first time he (and the others) had met Shizuki was backstage, and he thought he seemed like a bit of an idiot ^^; Seiji said he'd thought Shizuki was drunk the first time he met him, but he was sure there was a decent person somewhere in there. He described both Yossy and Nobu as being a bit quiet and reserved. Him and Nobu are the two who have known each other the longest.

There was a question only for Seiji, asking him how many pets he has at the moment. He's got two snakes (Rem and Ryuk), two big dogs (Mikado and Mako), and a small dog (Jealous). He talked a bit about how he used to bring Rem on stage with him, but nowadays she's too big and heavy, so holding her during lives would be too dangerous. At home he keeps the snakes in a container to avoid them eating the small dog (aww).
They were also asked to tell us about a ramen restaurant they'd recommend. A place Yossy often goes is one that's right next to Jishuban in Shinjuku. Seiji likes Aoba in Nakano, and Nobu described a restaurant that apparently is in the same building or next to Takadanobaba Club Phase (livehouse). Shizuki's suggestion was Daimaru in Nagoya. According to the other members this place has absolutely awful food though. Yossy said just the smell of the place is enough to make you want to run away from there.

The subject of their favourite Disneyland attractions came up - Both Nobu and Yossy mentioned something to do with Tekken. Shizuki's favourite is Space Mountain (Him and Seiji had some fun trying to get the English pronounciation right.... They failed). Seiji is a child and prefers Pooh's Hunny Hunt. He said he'd gone there together with "Hime". Not sure if he was referring to Kaya or not. edit: Seiji confirmed on ameba that he was indeed talking about Kaya. 

As always when it comes to instore events, this was a bit all over the place and incomplete... 

The event ended with a "handshake and signing" part. I wanted to get something other than a CD booklet signed, but they don't really have much else. So I brought the old poster that we had been given as a present at their first oneman live in 2008, as seen in the picture above. Both Yossy and Seiji exclaimed "natsukashiii!" upon seeing it. Yossy was still very nervous and his hand was both shaking and sweating ^^; Shizuki thanked me for always coming to their lives. Their signatures changed a bit, and Seiji added "-sama" to his name, lol. It might be a bit hard to tell what the other signatures says, so if you're wondering, they're : Shizuki Drums S,  N えね,  Y ぎたあ.


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(Deleted comment)
Jan. 30th, 2011 04:39 am (UTC)
Shizuki is awesome indeed. Although embarrassing, I hope they play not exist (great moshing song) while you're here. It's the only chance Shizuki has to leave the drumset and come to the front of the stage. He's always doing silly things during that song.
Jan. 29th, 2011 11:45 pm (UTC)
Hahah, this whole thing is amazing, it sounds like it was great fun. ^-^
I don't know if you're familiar with Kaya talking about how much he loves Disney Land? He probably was the "Hime" referred to, now that I remember that.

Haha, that poor dog. It's an interesting living environment, with reptiles only a thin wall of glass away and plotting your doom.
Jan. 30th, 2011 04:41 am (UTC)
I haven't really kept track of Kaya lately, so I didn't know he loves Disneyland! Would make sense if it was him.

I'd be sort of terrified to come home one day to find the snakes got out ^^; That dog is a pomeranian, so perfect bite size...
(Deleted comment)
Jan. 30th, 2011 04:46 am (UTC)
I heard Shizuki became the most popular member among fans when the band went overseas. It's too bad he's hidden behind a big drumset at the majority of the lives (And Seiji's kinda blocking my view of him), but it's great when he gets the opportunity to do some antics on his own at events like onemans, or whenever they play "not exist" :)
Jan. 30th, 2011 08:16 pm (UTC)
Thanks for the report! It was amusing to read it! :D

(for those of you familiar with the Japanese obsession with defining yourself as S or M.)
Eh? What? They tend to do that? O_o

I can imagine Seiji's face when they mentioned his mom, hahaha. XD
The ants talk is a bit wtf? imo.
But omg, those answers at the stranded island questions are awesome! XD

Seiji has so many pets! O_O Did he ever post pics of his doggies? I'd dove to see what kind of dogs he has. But I didn't know he loved Death Note *that* much! XD

Seiji is a child and prefers Pooh's Hunny Hunt. He said he'd gone there together with "Hime".
LOL I can totally imagine Kaya dragging him there! Despite their age, both of them are such kids! ^_^ (I wasn't aware there is still someone who refers to him as "Hime". O_o)

Sounds like you really had so much fun there! I'm glad to hear that! And seems like questions were good too, imo!:)
Jan. 31st, 2011 06:09 am (UTC)
Yeah, when you fill out profile for instance, you're almost always asked to answer "Are you S or M", like the bloodtype thing.

Most things Shizuki talks/writes about is a bit wtf... x)

Seiji spams his blog with pictures of Jealous. She's a small pomeranian: http://bit.ly/dGQVHX
The Bernese Mountain Dogs don't get as much attention, but they look like this: http://bit.ly/ids92R
Mikado(♂) is about 7 years old, and Mako(♀) is 4.

I think most of Kaya's musician friends refer to him as "Hime" or sometimes "Kaya-hime"? I can totally image both of them being really enthusiastic about the Hunny Hunt though.
Jan. 31st, 2011 08:20 pm (UTC)
I didn't know that... But then again, Japanese *are* weird like that. haha XD

OMG Jealous is soooo cute with that, errr, hat! ^_^
She looks so cuddly! (Could you point me to his blog, please? Even though I can't read it, I like to see pics they post, haha.)
Awwww! The other two look pretty as well! (I used to really LOVE dogs when I was younger. XD)

I thought no one called him "Hime" ever since he changed it to "Kaya". >_<
But I can definitely see why they call him that! ^^
Lol yeah, Kaya is HUGE fan of Disneyland! :)
Feb. 1st, 2011 05:36 am (UTC)
This is his blog: http://ameblo.jp/artcube-z/
He posted a couple of pictures of Jealous yesterday too. Most of the entries containing pictures are friends only though, so you'd have to add him.
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