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「Explosion showcase~expect meeting~」 @ 新宿RUIDO K4 #2

Second Art Cube live of this weekend.

At a more famiiar live house this time, RUIDO K4. With 10 bands playing it got extremely crowded and diffiicult to move around in the small hall, but we managed to get a few spots next to the wall, so we weren't as surronded by people as we would have been towards the middle of the room.

Not many people showed up for this live. With 10 bands on the list, each band only had time for 2~4 songs, so I guess many people don't think it's worth coming. But the four regulars were there, and Aiza the amazing Zeta-sama cosplayer managed to make time for a trip to Tokyo :) The band is always happy to see her; Seiji had sounded really sad when told she was sick and wouldn't make it to the recent instore event. I'm sure he'd really like the chance to talk to her in person.

As expected, the setlist was rather short:
1. Breath of Mind
2. Pain~wing…
3. 失楽蝶 (shitsurakuchou)

I was waiting for Shizuki to mess up the rhythm of Breath of Mind again (after having to restart it several times last time), but they played it flawlessy.

Nothing new for the MC. But Seiji told us to sneak Art Cube's singles into the CD player of our parents' cars, and went on to make an impression of their reaction which made everybody laugh. And again he failed at reading the MC notes written down for him. "Takadanobaba" in particular is always a word he has problems reading. (It's the name of a place in Tokyo where a lot of their lives are so he has to say it during pretty much all the MCs.)

Nobu has renewed his bass pick. I posted a picture a while ago of the previous one, which had a snake on it. The new one still has the snake, but on the opposite side there's randomly a surprised-looking bunny now. It's really cute.

Thankfully they were one of the bands playing during the first half of the event, so they were done already by 19:00. As we left the venue, the Art Cube members were standing down the hallway smoking and talking. There were no one else around, so they looked quite surprised when one of the other girls suddendly shouted "otsukaresama!"  Yossy had already spotted us though and was smiling at us, and started laughing heartily at the shouting. His smile is always so honest <3

Art Cube have no other lives planned until March 21st, so it'll be some time before we get to see them again. But Seiji will be appearing at Kaya's next Chansons live on March 1st, and at Moi dix Mois' live on the 19th. So at least I can see him then, and a couple of the other Art Cube jouren will be joining us for the latter :) Until then I have THE VELVET's live on the 16th of this month to look forward to (aah, Valentine's live D: ), as well as Hizaki & Yuki's birthday event.
Also, today should be the last day of intense working before my vacation starts (^^) 

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