Jeanette (chounohana) wrote,

Spring break finally started :)

And so did winter, apparently....


It was snowing for hours this afternoon, and we're supposed to get more snow tomorrow. I'm quite used to snow considering where I grew up, but it's still rare to see the ground coloured white here in Tokyo. As long as it's just a light layer of snow I don't mind it; it's pretty to look at. But it's really cold outside as well as inside now... And I hope the cats in the neighbourhood are alright tonight.
It feels a little late for snow though. But today was the first day of my vacation where I can just stay inside and relax under a blanket, perfect timing :)

Also got some new music delievered on the door today. The "Explosion Showcase" omnibus finally arrived (It's the omnibus that has Art Cube's new song). They've been selling it at lives this month, but we ordered it through SHOXX because they would send a bonus cheki (polaroid) together with the CD if you did. The polaroid would be of a random member among the 15 bands on the main disc. So if no one had any say in which photo got sent to who, this is quite a coincidence...

Hope the other fans were equally lucky. 
As usual the new song is written by Yossy with lyrics by Nobu. (And thankfully an English title we don't have to try and figure out how to read). The sound of it is a little less aggressive than the live version.

There's also a card included that we're supposed to send in together with one of the ticket stubs from the Explosion Showcase lives, and they'll send us a present back. Not sure what that'll be, so I'll just try sending it in and see what is sent back in return :)
It says on the card that they'll send the ticket stub back to you together with the gift, which is nice. I like to collect them, sort of like souvenirs. Although they're really starting to pile up ^^;

Planning on stopping by Tokyu Hands tomorrow, so I should look around for some sort of album to put them all in.


Tags: art cube, life

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