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HIZAKI & YUKI birthday event @ 渋谷TRUMP ROOM



Versailles did another limited event today; an early birthday celebration for Yuki and Hizaki at a really nice club(?) in Shibuya. The place was really small, so although we weren't that many people participating, we were separated in two groups on different floors, in the "black room" and "red room". I was in the latter which looked like this:


It had sort of a Versailles-ish atmosphere going on. The big screen at the end of the room showed the black room. The band was divided in two groups as well, and the screens would allow us to see the members in the other room. As we had all gotten our drinks and sat down, Kamijo, Teru and Yuki entered the red room, while Hizaki and Masashi went to the other one. During the first half of the event we were shown pictures of Yuki and Hizaki from when they were children. A very chubby-cheeked two year old Yuki lying face down on the ground for some reason, and various baby pics (He was really cute). Hizaki also showed a picture of himself around the age of 4 together with his older brother. He was wearing a brightly coloured yukata and said it kinda looked like girl's clothing, and jokingly added that already back then he was raised to dress like this. The last picture he showed us was of him as a very naked baby. They'd added a rose to the picture to cover up essential parts, lol. After this part was done we waved goodbye to the three as the members changed rooms. Hizaki and Masashi entered the room arm in arm, and huge Masashi banged his head on lamps in the ceiling both when entering the room and when leaving it later x) The event would only last for about an hour, so the time for talking was pretty limited. After a little while the lights were dimmed and birthday cake was brought into the two rooms. Someone in the other room (Teru?) counted the candles and came to the conclusion that it was the celebration of someone's 10th birthday. The candles were blown out, and we all raised our glasses in cheers. Then followed a lottery where five people would be able to take polaroids together with all the members once the event was over. And as a nice surprise, they were also selling polaroids they'd taken earlier. (They don't do cheki very often anymore). Here are some of them:

After the cake, the members left the rooms, and we were shown the new PV for the song "Philia" while waiting for the last part of the event, which would be a meet & greet. And we got to talk to each of the guys much longer than I'm used to at events. Usually all there's time for is a "Hello" followed by a sentence or two, but today we could have longer conversations with them. All the members lined up outside the room in the order --> Kamijo - Yuki - Hizaki - Teru - Masashi. They were in the hallway, meaning we would have to go through a really low doorway to get to them. Lisa in her lovely Hizaki cosplay was in front of me, and Kamijo saw her bowing down to get through it. So the first thing he said to me when I went up to him was "Konnichiwa! Did you get through the doorway alright?" LOL. Yuki was the one I ended up talking to the most though. I first only intended to give him an early birthday greeting and move along, so I finished the handshake and turned towards Hizaki. But he was still busy so I had to turn back to Yuki, who smilingly took my hand again and was actually quite talkative :D My home country (Norway) came up, and he suddenly remembered and burst out "Ah!! Oslo!!" (the capital) "We played there!" (lol, I know Yuki), and went on to tell me how cold it is there. It basically ended up being Yuki asking me a bunch of questions really quickly, wanting to know which lives I was planning on going to etc. He's such a nice guy to talk to, and the conversation somehow feels a lot more relaxed compared to talking with Kamijo. Hizaki was a tad more awkward not really saying anything, but instead patting me on the head ^^; Teru was his usual bouncy self, and with a big smile on his face asked me loudly "Do you understand Japanese??! :D" (what? we've met and talked several times over the past few years, haven't we? x) ) I told him that yeah, I do understand, and he answered with another loud "OK!! :D" ..... silence. lol, silly Teru.  Masashi had been assigned the job of handing out signed postcards to us (the one in the top picture). I thanked him and with that the event was over. It was a really nice and kinda random event, so I hope they'll continue to do similar things later on as well :) 

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