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THE VELVET did another fun live at Takadanobaba AREA today :)

A slightly delayed Valentine's live. Brought chocolate and cards for all four of them (which is sort of a big deal for me as I normally never give V-Day stuff to bands), as someone had hinted rather strongly about wanting Valentine's sweets. Hope they all liked it. Chiro especially gave a very obvious reaction to the card; he's cute. 

Though it looks like there will be a different support drummer next time, MAI appeared behind the drums again tonight. Both the regular support members have pretty much become part of the band at this point, so it always feels like something is a little off when one is missing.

Something else was a "little off" at this live... They... completely failed at calculating where the center of the stage was when setting up?? Normally MiMi, as the vocalist, wold be at the center of the stage, with Bera and Chiro three people's width to either side of him. The center will be marked by the... vocalist box (?? I don't remember the name for it. It's a small square podium-ish box that vocalists will use to stand on to get higher up), but as the curtains opened, that was 1~2 meters off to the left, as was everything else like the drumset, Bera's mic, and the amps etc. Luckily the guys weren't on stage yet, so we had time to reorganize the front row. I wonder what the reason for this new arrangement was... As a result there was more than 3 meters of nothingness to my right (And I was almost at the center since I was supposed to be on front of the guitarist), while the left side became quite cramped. 

They've started entering the stage differently than they used to. Before they would always be in place when the curtains were drawn, and the background music would be Edward Scissorhands or Alice in Wonderland. Starting from the previous live they've used a much more upbeat intro and entered the stage one by one as we clapped to the rhythm. MiMi had asked us to do the member calls for today. Which I find really embarassing when we're such a small group of girls, but if it makes them happy I suppose it's worth it. And we did call them, but I doubt they could hear it ^^; The music was way too loud for our voices to come through, but I hope they at least noticed our mouths moving, and a couple of us were saku'ing as well.

As they often do, both MiMi and Bera changed their look again. Still polkadots of course, but new outfits and hair-styles. Although some things never change; there was still MiMi constantly knocking things over and Bera completely losing his balance, lol. But it's sort of nice that it's not only the fans making fools out of ourselves, and the guys laugh at us too if we mess something up.

During the MC MiMi told us how the room smelled of chocolate tonight. And he also talked a bit about Fool's Mate's Dig Up event. It's a contest between bands, and as far as I know the winner will get some pages devoted to them in the magazine. Bands are divided into three groups, Velvet being in the third one which will perform at Rock May Kan on March 4th. Fans decide who will win by filling out the anketo at visunavi's site. Unfortunately I think you can only access the voting from a Japanese cellphone. If you're one of those who can access it (or know someone who can), please take a few seconds to vote for Velvet :) They're never featured in any of the big vk magazines, so I hope they'll eventually get the chance. 
I was at the first Dig Up live in January (different bands), and we are given an anketo at the events themselves too where we are to give points for various things like music, performance, looks and MC. Unfortunately I think this will be more of a popularity contest than based on actual talent . And Velvet will be competing against Megaromania :/ They have a lot of fans. But voting will still make a difference as the ranking list of the various bands based on amounts of votes is available online. It also looks like all the bands participating will be recording a comment video. If they do, Velvet's video should eventually be available here

About two weeks until their next live now.... But for March they have 3 lives planned so far! :D Somehow I'm always looking forward to their lives as if it was my first time seeing them.  

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