Jeanette (chounohana) wrote,

Vacation's going great so far :) Spent the first part of it catching up with stuff I didn't have time to do in January due to a busy schedule, but this week has been quite relaxing. Finally got the chance to visit Ginza's Vampire Cafe again yesterday. Had been planning on going there for a while, but other things kept coming up forcing us to postpone it. We had to be at the restaurant from the time it opened to have some time left afterwards before the others needed to leave to get back to Chiba and Togane with the last train. So we were there too early to catch Satoshi this time, but the guy waiting on us in his place was absolutely adorable. Looked like he might be part of a band too, like S., though I didn't ask. He was really fun to talk to, and had random conversation with us rather than just restaurant related talk. The staff is part of why I like this place so much; they've always been great. And I'll get to go back there pretty soon. My parents are coming to visit in about a week, and the restaurant is one of the places they want to visit.

Haven't had time for purikura in a while either, so we went on to Ikebukuro after eating and spent some time at the arcades around Sunshine City.


One of the places had costumes. I let the other girls choose the clothes....
and they insisted on dressing me up in seifuku of all things. LOL

^Not something that will happen again in the near future.

I wish vacations would last longer... I'm already almost half way into this one.
But I have a lot to look forward to in March :D


Tags: life, purikura

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