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Was quite a busy day today/yesterday. Had to travel out of town early in the morning to meet and talk with some people, and get some paperwork done. And the weather was absolutely awful. But I was still in a great mood. Guess catching up on sleep these past couple of weeks has done some good.

Found this on my way back in the afternoon and thought it was adorable enough to deserve a picture:

Finished earlier than expected, leaving me with enough time to go back home and get ready for another one of Kaya's Chansons lives, this time starring Seiji and Nobu from Art Cube as guests.

The event was at Saravah in Shibuya. Which is an actual cafe rather than a livehouse. The stage was quite low (barely above floor level), and scattered in front of it were about 9 tables big enough for 4 peole each. Doors were supposed to open at 7pm, but maybe they felt sorry for us standing out in the cold rain, cause they let those who had already lined up into the cafe about 15 minutes early. The four Art Cube regulars got a table right in front of the stage, so we had excellent view of everything going on :) The first part of the event would start at 8:00, and while waiting we were served a small dish consisting of chicken, mashed potato, some vegetables and bread. It tasted really nice, and it was a new experience to be served food like this before a live.

We had been dreading this event a bit, knowing how some of Kaya's fans can behave. But being seated at each our tables, no one could elbow us in the back or punch us in the head, so I really enjoyed the entire performance.

Again I must repeat that my knowledge of chansons is very limited ^^; So I guess it would be better to check Kaya's blog for a complete setlist. But the first part opened with Kaya singing a couple of them, together with the evening's pianist; Sugi. (Sugiura Tetsuro) As always at these Cafe Noir shows, he was dressed in the polkadotted dress, with a black corset. And this time decorated with a few red roses. Seeing him twirling around and doing his usual witty MCs, I realized how much I've actually missed watching him on stage. He used to appear at so many of the events I'd go to, but now, as far as I can remember, the last time I saw him was August last year. (Although I do hope any collaboration with Seiji will continue to be limited to seated events).

After finishing "Olga" he called for a couple of his sempai; Z-sama and N from Art Cube :) Seiji had mentioned that he'd had a hair cut recently (which apparently "made him look 21 years old", lol), but I don't think we were expecting anything like how he'd cut it. Most of it is now layered really short, only with the bottom layer going down to his waist. Most of the red is gone, only some left at the side of his bangs. He had done it himself though, so it was a bit uneven + he definitely has to do something about the thinnest parts of his hair which are completely seethrough. He said he would go to a salon and get it fixed eventually (Probably has to do something before Moi dix Mois' live this month). Overall it didn't look that bad, but I'm probably gonna miss his long red curls. Wonder how his famous helicopter headbanging will look now. Again he looked a bit out of place clothing-wise. He was wearing a tight black long-coat, with hotpants underneath. The other guys (minus Kaya) were in black suits.

Nobu had been added as a guest last minute. According to Seiji they had been out drinking, and Seiji had asked/tricked him to participate while Nobu was drunk. Nobu kept giving indications of "Please stop talking D:" while Seiji happily continued sharing things Nobu had said and how he'd acted under the influence of a few drinks, lol... For the occasion Nobu played the guitar instead of his usual bass. And together they did acoustic versions of Rengesora and Blue Heaven. Without the other instruments, Seiji could really show off his voice. The songs were absolutely beautiful like this. Seiji then sang a chanson (Paris Violon) together with Sugi on piano, before Kaya ended part 1 with an acoustic version of Ophelia. As he left the stage he told us there would be a break for about 15 minutes, and promised the two members from Art Cube would be back for the second part at 9:00.

After Kaya did another couple of chansons, he was joined on stage by Seiji and the two of them joked around for a while. It really looks like they enjoy being on stage together (and simply in the company of the other in general). Nobu was called back, and we got Rengesora for the second time + Kasoukyoku. Poor Nobu had done his best to memorize songs on an instrument he isn't 100% confident with playing, so I guess three songs were all they'd had time for practicing. But also this time around the songs were extremely beutifully performed.

The show ended with Kaya doing a really upbeat and electronified version of La vie en Rose. My favourite of all the songs he did that evening, and he looked so happy singing it :)

These Cafe Noir lives are currently a monthly occurrence, and they're doing a stampcard for the occasion:

Cute stamp! So if anyone is planning on going to these lives, be sure to ask for a card at the goods table. Once you've collected three stamps you're automatically invited to a forthcoming VIP party (More details to be announced later).

This was the sign outside by the way:

(I had forgotten to bring my cellphone, so thanks to mrs_fujiwara  for taking the picture!)

As you can see it was raining.... Someone (Seiji?) had some fun drawing the musicians participating:



( 5 darlings — Bonjour Honey! )
Mar. 1st, 2011 11:06 pm (UTC)
Ahahah that pic is so sweet! The bear eating honey with the spoon (?) is very cute! :D

Kaya seems to mention that Saravah cafe a lot. I wonder if he has many lives there. But the place sounds nice. :)

lol 21? He couldn's just circle it to 20? XD But I wasn't aware his hair was waist length before he cut it. O_o He seems to wear hot pants quite a bit when being a guest or something, haha. At least I remember you had mentioned it a few times before. Ah, no messed up MC's this time. :( hahaha
And big lol at his for talking about Nobu. Sneaky of him to trick Nobu into participating, haha. But kinda cute. :)

I wish I could hear acoustics versions of those. Must've sounded very nice. (And I love Ophelia) :D

Are you planning on attending those other lives? I wonder what kind of party is he going to make... Oh a kitten! Awww! And the drawing is cute as well! :D

Btw would you happen to know what's up with Kaya's boobs? lol I know he used to wear fake ones, but on some recent pics they looks kinda real, hahah. Sorry for the weird question... ^^
Mar. 2nd, 2011 06:34 am (UTC)
The bear eating honey is Rilakuma. He's a really famous character in Japan.

Apparently Kaya has been doing lives like these at Saravah every month since January, and ther ewill be another one next month. I'll only be going if he invites Seiji, Kamijo or anyone from Velvet though. The bands I follow regularly are doing so many lives I can't keep going to other random lives (With Seiji and THE VELVET I have 7 lives this month).

I don't know how many pictures/videos you've seen of Seiji without a wig? He uses his real hair with Moi dix Mois, but he's been curling it so it might appear a little shorter. Now it's straight/a little wavy so that one layer does go down to his waist. He really should cut off like 10cm at the bottom though. So maybe it'll be shorter next time we see him.

He's still padded up with fake boobs. (We could clearly see the bra-ish thing he's using whenever he would bend forwards yesterday). He often uses make-up to make it look like he has an actual cleavage. Maybe that's what you have been seeing?
Mar. 2nd, 2011 02:16 pm (UTC)
Wait, is that what one of the V guys was dressed as on the fanclub trip? That's adorable! ^^

Hmm has he ever done an event with The Velvet? I can't remember if you've mentioned it before. >_< On the other hand, Kamijo singing chansons might sound nice actually, imo. (Omfg Kaya's entry with the setlist is loooooooong!And he switched back to Japanese titles now? O_o)

Hmmmm I don't think I've seen any recent ones without wig? :/

Kaya posted some time ago a pic on his blog, but I can't find it atm. But in this video you can see what I mean... lol http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YmZKAfB9NAA
I'm not sure what has he been doing with that, haha.
Mar. 3rd, 2011 06:24 am (UTC)
Kaya did a threeman live with THE VELVET before (http://bit.ly/gjP3mS). Velvet played first, so MiMi watched Kaya's performance from the goods table afterwards, and Kaya kept winking and blowing kisses at him. And both MiMi and Bera came to watch Kaya's first Chanson live (Coincidentaly the dresscode was polkadots that evening, lol) + I've seen Bera at another oneman.

Kaya didn't include all the songs on his setlist... There was a song after Padam Padam which was a remix of (I think) La vie en Rose as I mentioned in my entry.

The most recent non-wig pictures of Seiji (pre-new hair cut) are probably the pics Mana posted after the instore events (here: http://bit.ly/fmJ3tr) You can't really see the bottom part of his hair though; it's so thin and dead it's completely see-through ^^;

haha, yeah... That's the make-up applied to make it look like he has real breasts.
Mar. 4th, 2011 12:42 pm (UTC)
Yep, that sounds like Kaya alright! XD
But tbh I can't really imagine MiMi singing chansons. I think he's kinda too cheerful and clumsy for that. But maybe it would be cute, I dunno... ^^
But it's nice to know they're getting along well. :)

Oh wow, Seiji's hair seems to be quite long on that pic. But damn Mana and his tiny pics! Why can't he post them just a bit bigger?! >_<

lol the thing that I actually find weird about this video is that's he's wearing only one whitish/bluish contact lens. Dunno why would he wear only one...
( 5 darlings — Bonjour Honey! )

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