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Midnight Circus 第6怪

Been a zombie for most of today. Had so much fun at THE VELVET's sponsored event yesterday, adrenaline levels were way too high to fall asleep once I got home. Still had no choice but to get up early in the morning hours today, so I ended up with only about 1 hour's worth of sleep. For the first 15 minutes I was so disoriented I didn't even register why I had gotten up that early ^^; But the live was worth it in every single way.

There was a total of six bands, several of which I was familiar with, including m'aidezDei. Enjoy their performance more and more each time I see them. THE VELVET was last since it was their event, and while we waited for their turn, the hall got hotter and hotter for each band. As a result of the earthquake/tsunami many places are trying to save power, and the venue's air conditioning was one of the things turned off. We were uncomfortable simply standing still, so it must have been pretty bad up on stage for the guys moving around in all the lighting. Got to feel some of that during Velvet's long set ourselves. MiMi joked that there wouldn't be anyone coming to the next live after this experience.

Uncomfortable hot and dead air aside, we were able to enjoy a total of 12 songs :D One of them is a new, violent tune called 「25時のシンデレラ」 (25-ji no Cinderella). Didn't expect them to present a new song. Looking forward to getting to know it better at future lives. Another surprise was the first of the two songs they played for the encore.... Which turned out to be RIDE ON ME :D I had kinda lost hope of getting to hear that one.

Ruido K4's stage is pretty narrow - not sure how limiting it is for them, but it gives us the opportunity to have all members pretty close. Both Chiro and Mai made a return on support bass and drums, and seemed to be enjoying themselves a lot. When they were called back on stage for the encore, they both ran across the stage and high-fived us all. wingsinacage had handed over some gifts to the band earlier that evening, and Mai's gift included a cute hedgehog plushie with a polkadotted ribbon. He had placed it on his drumset, where it sat throughout the live. Mai's really adorable :) I was happy to see both him and Chiro again, and hope they'll be there for the next live later this month too. It just isn't the same without them now.
MiMi showed up wearing a short white wig for the occasion. Not used to seeing him blond, but the wig suited his face. But I was more suprised to see the brand new labret piercing below his lips o_O That I did not see coming. Seems like he forgot that he told us Velvet was a PTA-recommended no-piercing band... (Guess he also forgot that Bera used to have a face piercing too).
Bera... was his usual self I suppose. And really happy as far as I could tell. I love his smile <3 It's like you have to work for a while to earn it. I can't remember ever seeing the man smile randomly at anyone... He played really well too. (No messing up during Plastic Doll)

Maybe they were all happy to see us again after all that's happened. I certainly enjoyed having fun together with them after 5 weeks with no lives (Their previous live was the night before the 11th). MiMi spent some of the MC talking about the disaster, and told us it was ok to dash out should the room start shaking ^^; But everything went smoothly.
This was also their first live after their newest single (genei fiction) was released. They were selling it with a special bonus; a comment DVD with a couple of clips that wasn't used for the Fool's Mate comment video. The DVD is quite silly (as is to be expected with these guys...) I'm glad they finally has something like that. If there's one thing I've missed when it comes to this band, it's videos. They should try and make something for all the fans overseas who can't see them in person. Not gonna expect anything like a PV, but they film all their lives. I'm sure they could put together something from all that footage.

I'm sure I'm forgetting something I meant to mention - maybe I can remember once I get some decent sleep. Looks like I'll have the weekend off, so I'll be sure to make the best out of that time :)  "Only" two weeks till Velvet's next event, though I'm sure it will feel like longer. Hoping for the AC being turned on at Ikebukuro's Ruido K3 by then ^^; 



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Apr. 15th, 2011 11:21 am (UTC)
I'm impressed with the guys showing so much energy on stage despite the heat. Must have been a lot worse up there.

Would it be sillier than the tribal gothic band with a giant boa crawling around on a beach in full costume? x)
Apr. 15th, 2011 07:33 pm (UTC)
I forgot to mention (maybe) that I received the comment CD bonus Closet Child was giving out with their singles. Still have to listen to it though. XD And the new single in general, I've been playing XA-VAT way too much these past few days.

Seems like when Bera's happy, everyone's happy. X)

Huzzah, new song. :D Looking forward to their future releases as well. (While I live attending lives vicariously through you XD)
Apr. 16th, 2011 03:43 am (UTC)
Glad to hear it arrived :) Seijaku should maybe bring back some memories of a fun live.

Bera had lots of support during this live. Loud calls for him for the encore, while MiMi was the one who got silence ^^; He (MiMi) posted a cute entry about it on ameba, (finally including a picture where he didn't hide his face).

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