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Yesterday felt like a really nice summer day, minus the humidity. Would be nice if it stayed like this for some days. Golden Week just started, so we'll be enjoying a week of free time :) Yesterday was also the first of this short vacation's lives.

I don't come to Shibuya BOXX very often - think I've been there a total of three times these past couple of years. I'm always surprised at how small and compact it is (It really is a "box"). We expected DIAURA to be last since it was their event, and everyone were surprised to learn that for some mysterious reason Art Cube would be the last band playing.... This meant we suddenly had to wait about 5 hours, which we hadn't planned for. But luckily BOXX has a small cafe right next to it. Normally they don't let you leave and re-enter at live houses, but we asked the guy at the door, and he was cool with letting us go wait at the cafe and let us back in as long as we showed our tickets. Having lunch with friends made the wait a lot less boring :)

Also got to chat a bit with the band's staff. Apparently we're finally going to get the gifts they promised us for filling out stamp cards last year at the upcoming oneman next month. Been a while... And they're also in the middle of making official Art Cube fans to use for the new song "Akatsuki". If possible, they'll try to have them ready by the oneman too.
We re-entered the venue right before the fourth band, and caught Lycaon, アヲイ and DIAURA's performances, before it was finally time for Art Cube.
1. あかつき (akatsuki)
2. 虹化鏡 (kougekyo)
3. 花陽影 (hanahikage)
4. Test Tube Skeleton
5. 失楽蝶 (shitsurakuchou)

More people had time to aquire fans for today's live, so Akatsuki became really fun. Seiji looked happy as most of us raised our arms holding fans of various designs and colours joining in on his dancing.

Some announcements from the MC (Though the info has been available online for a few days, and maybe isn't relevant unless you're in Japan); Kozi will be appearing as a special guest at the live at Takadanobaba AREA on June 8th. This live is part of an Art Cube vs. VII-Sense national coupling tour, and there will be some sort of limited release in connection to that. More info on the release and on the tour final is to be announced at the oneman, so I'll get back to that later.

The stage at BOXX is quite wide and bright, so I had the pleasure of seeing more of Shizuki this time. As the live ended he came up to the front of the stage and threw me a drum stick :) Would be nice to bring it to a future instore event and have him sign it.


By the way, I made a post about this on the band's LJ community, but in case anyone who might be interested missed it: Seiji started posting live streams from his iPhone. You can listen to the previously streamed audio at this website They're from last weekend as the band was leaving for Osaka. 

Golden Week's second live will be today already! This time it's THE VELVET in Ikebukuro :D Looking forward to it as always. 


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