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Art Cube's 6th oneman @ 高田馬場AREA

Finally got some time to sit down and write something about Art Cube's oneman :)

I think their onemans are probably the most fun lives I attend, and this one was no exception.
The picture above is of some decoration at the entrance of the live house (Takadanobaba AREA). They didn't end up using this for anything, and the table remained empty except that one flower, but it gave us an opportunity to get some pictures of their banner(?). It's usually draping the back wall of the stage during their lives.

The stage itself was covered with the same kind of white flowers, and other decoration in the same colour. A little lighter than their usual setting (But that was nice now that their costumes are all black).

One of the first songs of the evening was "akatsuki". And lots of people had brought fans to wave around this time :D The band still didn't finish the official Art Cube folding fans, so it was a very varied assembly of all shapes and colours. Must have looked interesting from the back. The first half of the live also contained most of their calmer songs, and we got to hear both "you're here..." and "suna no hana" again for the first time in a while.

Following "akatsuki" was another slightly messed up the MC.... Seiji automatically read the announcement written on the paper in front of him, before exclaiming "This is not in the right order!" a couple of times. Followed by a "Are you trying to tell me I should write these things myself?" lol, he should at least start reading them through before the lives. Most announcements were related to the coupling tour with VII-Sense starting next month. And the gave us the time and date for the tour final; it will take place at Ruido K4 in Shinjuku on July 17th. So maybe it will coincide with the summer vacation of some of you, if you're planning a trip to Tokyo. They will be giving out a free digest DVD from the tour at this live.

As usual, towards the middle of the show all the members had their various solo acts. Shizuki was up first, and played a medley consisting of four soundtrack tunes. First one was "A Pirate's Life for Me", where he was pretending to be attacked by canons. Couldn't recognize the second and third song, but the fourth one was"Requiem for a Dream". He ended his solo with leaving the drumset to join us at the edge of the stage making us do silly moves again. 

Yossy was up next. He didn't sing anything this time, but instead played a really fun cover of the Super Mario theme song. Yossy can be quite shy and awkward, but he's also absolutely adorable on stage. He was laughing openly during the entire song, and so did we. 

Seiji walked up on stage singing the Mario tune, and seemed almost disappointed he had to the change the mood so completely for the next song. Him and Nobu did an accoustic version of "Kasoukyoku" together, like they had done at the event with Kaya in March. It was Kaya's chanson event, and Seiji jokingly said he'd do chansons for his solo at their next oneman. But to his surprise he was met by loud cheers, and had an "oh...oops" moment. And then he dragged Nobu down with him by announcing "And Nobu will join me on guitar!" (Nobu didn't look thrilled, lol) But they kept their promise, and after the duo, the other two joined them for an actual chanson (Which sounded kinda strange backed up by drums). 

After the solo corner, they did a failed attempt of "Blue Heaven" due to Shizuki not being prepared at all. They joked around a bit, causing Seiji to end up crouched on the floor laughing before they finally got ready to try it again. Before the song ended completely though, Seiji suddenly rushed off stage. One of his blue contacts had started moving to the back of his eye. He came back for a second to push Yossy to the microphone for an MC while he went backstage to try and get the contact out. Yossy went into nervous laughter mode not knowing what to talk about, so Shizuki decided to be silly instead, and announced that Yossy's cute corgi dog was there tonight and started chanting her name, and quickly got us all to shout for Peko (....who of course weren't really there). Seiji still wasn't done, but someone in the audience saved Yossy by asking for a reprise of Mario. This time he was backed up by drums and bass, and Seiji returned by the end of the song and they got us all to jump to the tune pretending we were Mario jumping to hit Question Blocks.... Silly band.

The last half of the live covered their more energetic songs. Enjoyed "False Prayer" a lot. And of course they had to include "not exist" with the 'moshing'. I still didn't really decide whether I want them to ever give us a DVD with this.... I'd love to show you exactly how silly it looks, with our "crab walk" and all.

There were several songs for the encore too. We called Shizuki, Nobu and Yossy back on stage, but when Seiji entered last everyone completely ignored him. We were too busy cheering for the big white snake hanging over his shoulders :D She behaved perfectly, and I was so happy to have her so close again (I think most of you know by now that I love reptiles, and particularly snakes). They made sure to make it a fairly calm song with no furi though (Rengesora). Since she's not used to being on stage anymore I'm not sure whta headbanging and pumping our fists violently towards her would cause her to do.... 

They did a couple more songs, and ended their set with "Shitsurakuchou" as always.

Everyone who attended the live was given a photo of the band :)




( 8 darlings — Bonjour Honey! )
May. 9th, 2011 03:38 pm (UTC)
Seems it was really fun, as always!
I was expecting for a release announcement for this oneman, guess I'll have to wait a little more xD
May. 9th, 2011 04:00 pm (UTC)
There will be a release! (Didn't think to mention it here since it's already announced online). It's a collaboration between Art Cube and VII-Sense called "Art Sensation" and will contain one song from each band. Don't know if these are new songs, though for now it sounds like they are. Release date is June 29th. Presales will start on June 8th, so I can let you know what songs are on it then.
May. 10th, 2011 02:09 am (UTC)
LOL I checked the OHP a lot of times today but I only saw the info about the release before you said here. I think I need better glasses xD
Even I didn't like VII-sense that much at first, I think they are finally getting better, Its great that they are releasing a disc with AC.
May. 9th, 2011 07:08 pm (UTC)
I'm really so anxious for this release! VII-Sense+Art Cube = Love² \o/
On VII-Sense's site they talked about this free digest DVD too...I think it will be the first distribution of live video from VII-Sense. Will be difficult to get it... =S

Thank you so much for keeping us informed Chou! <3
May. 10th, 2011 04:07 am (UTC)
I hope the songs are previously unreleased :)
I didn't know VII-Sense didn't give out any live footage yet. But there will probably be someone who aren't interesting and will want to sell off their copies later on.
May. 9th, 2011 09:05 pm (UTC)
Oh, that really does sound like a fun live! I'm glad to hear so! :D

Followed by a "Are you trying to tell me I should write these things myself?"
LOL This kind of thought surprises him? hahah XD

and Seiji returned by the end of the song and they got us all to jump to the tune pretending we were Mario jumping to hit Question Blocks....
This sounds amusing! lol Would be really funny to see you all doing it! XD

Oh! He brought, umm, Rem, was it? Would you happen to know what kind of snake is she? Not that I'm really interested in snakes (I'm actually a bit afraid to hold a snake because I think I'd grab it too tight + don't like the idea of one creeping over me >_<). Does he let those of you in the front row touch her? ^^
May. 10th, 2011 03:58 am (UTC)
Rem is an albino boa, and Ryuk is a python. He holds her close enough for us to touch her, but I don't think anyone would ever do that. We would never touch one of the members either, no matter how close they come. And Seiji has expressed his worries about Rem hurting someone in the audience, so I think he feels a lot more comfortable if we don't reach out for her. The sonbg she participated in has some furi at the end of it (just tapping our hands to the rhythm), and both me and most of the others automatically refrained from doing it since she was right in front of us this time. Didn't want to scare her.
(Deleted comment)
May. 10th, 2011 04:03 am (UTC)
She's gotten so big these past couple of years. When I first saw her she was small and light enough for Seji to hold her with one arm. (She would wrap around his left hand and stay there as a ball on cold days).

Doesn't help that Nobu keeps giving the songs titles no one can read ^^;
( 8 darlings — Bonjour Honey! )

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