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MAd WORLd GIG @ 目黒鹿鳴館

Rock May Kan is a peculiar venue. I've mentioned it here before, that it used to be a theater - which has some downsides to it when it comes to sound and stuff. But it's nice for longer events where you have to wait for hours. Ended up spending four hours in the Stairway of Graffiti.

Sunday's event started early, at 3pm. THE VELVET weren't supposed to play until a little past 7, so I snuck in a frappuccino from Starbucks (in my bag hoping it wouldn't spill cream all over the place in there ^^; and camped out in a deserted part of the venue while waiting for the other fans to arrive. There's a stairway leading down from the hall to the toilets + backstage at Rock May. Over the years people have decorated the walls there.
Brain Hacker already had a spot on the wall:

Now THE VELVET kinda do too....

(though we lacked proper markers and space to write)

Me, wingsinacage and Riyo hung out there until 7pm. At some point Velvet's staff came and sat down for a brief chat as well. Guess she gets bored too at long event like these. A band came and posed at the bottom of the stairs taking pictures, and a while later the lights suddenly went out for some reason, and we sat in darkness until it was time to move to the stage. 

Most bands only played about four songs since there were 11 bands total. But somehow Velvet managed to cram six of them into their setlist:
1. 愛憎倒錯遊戯 (aizou tousaku yuugi)
2. Heroine
3. Poison
4. 25時のシンデレラ (25-ji no Cinderella)
6. 静寂は凶暴 (seijaku wa kyoubou)

Support members were Mai and You. I don't know the latter at all (only seen him at a couple of lives). Are any of you familiar with THE GLAMS? Apparently he used to be in that band. Looks like Chiro will be absent next week too, but hoping to see him in June at least.

To make the best out of what little time they had, the members were all on stage when the curtain opened, so we didn't get to welcome them onto the stage one by one. We're getting a little better at it ^^; I think they can actually hear us shouting their names sometimes now, lol. It's quite a difference from the calm Edward Scissorhands intro we'd gotten so used to.

The live went smoothly, and nothing too silly happened! It was only the second time they played Cinderella, but it's already become quite integrated with the rest of their songs. Lots of sakudai for this one (Throwing ourselves forwards over the bar - except, there is no bar at this place, so we're basically leaning our upper bodies over the stage instead). I wish MiMi would partake more in this and/or the headbaning. Bera always joins in on this together with us (he's awesome), but MiMi's just dancing around watching us instead. It makes me kinda selfcounscious, knowing what a mess our hair is at this point x)

Making a return to Rock May later this week to see Art Cube :) Will be a bit of a wait then too, but lots of friends will be there ♥



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(Deleted comment)
May. 17th, 2011 03:14 am (UTC)
lol, I wonder if they noticed it themselves sometime during the evening.

I was happy when they started playing SORROW, cause it's not a song they tend to end their sets with :) Usually we're safe util they do a song that includes headbanging.
May. 17th, 2011 04:09 pm (UTC)
So cute how you wrote THE VELVET with polkadotts there! :D

Were you sitting on the stairs while waiting? I hope no one tripped over you while it was dark, lol. XD

But I've got to applaud them for managing to play 6 songs in such a short time! I hope there were no accidents on stage this time. Were there any? ^^

Maybe MiMi doesn't want to headbang so he wouldn't mess up his hair? lol
(Probably not the case... But maybe he gets dizzy/loses balance a bit when doing it? Kinda happens to me. :/)

May. 18th, 2011 11:02 am (UTC)
"THE VELVET" was wingsinacage's handiwork :)

There weren't too many people using the stairs, mostly just some bandmen. And we were sitting in a corner when the lights went out so we were spared any embarrassment of having them falling over us ;)

No accidents on stage this time. Made up for a certain guitarist banging his head into Angelica's last time, then almost falling off the stage, lol.

I hope we can eventually get MiMi to join us in the headbanging. If Bera (whose balance seems to be messed up) can do it while playing guitar, MiMi should be able to avoid falling over too :p
May. 18th, 2011 11:47 pm (UTC)
Omg he banged into A's head? How did that happen? O_o I hope they're both fine! ^^

LOL and if he falls, you in the front row will cushion his fall, haha. That is, if you don't move away. XD
( 4 darlings — Bonjour Honey! )

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