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I don't really have much to write about the live itself, but just wanted to share some silliness from Seiji.

Like these scribbles:

I like how he felt the need to include his breasts in the drawing he made of himself (And of course he made them even bigger...)

One of the other girls took inspiration from it, and put this on the wall;

lol. People seeing this in 5 years will have no idea what the creature on the right is....

(It was the same venue as the recent live with THE VELVET - same wall)

Art Cube was the last of the seven bands to play. Their setlist:
1. Breath of Mind.
2. akatsuki
3.  花陽影 (hanahikage)
4. Test Tube Skeleton
5. 失楽蝶 (shitsurakuchou)

No official Art Cube fan for akatsuki yet, but found out where Seiji bought the fan he's using, so we'll get that one for the next live. Incidentally his fan broke this time, so maybe he'll show up with a different one next time ^^;

The other day the band finally announced what kind of gifts we'll get for the stampcards we've filled out at lives earlier. They are as follows:

1~10 stamps - original photo
10~15 stamps - personal sign board
15~20 stamps - personal comment CD
more than 20 stamps - personal comment CD & sign board
These are some really neat gifts :) We're supposed to be getting them in July, as it will take some time to make the individual CDs etc. I'm curious to hear what kind of comments they will be, and it's cool of them to do something like this.... (though it feels kinda embarrassing too, having them sit down and record something only for you).

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