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Not much time to spare for updating about everyday life lately - Everything's going well though :) 
This'll be another live related entry....

Went to Takadanobaba AREA yet again yesterday, to see Art Cube. This time the line-up was fairly good, as you can see in the picture above :) The place was packed due to Közi and VII-Sense drawing a large crowd.
First up was dolore, who again only played newer songs. I'd love to hear some of their older stuff, especially "Griveous Scream". But I'm starting to get into their current music too by now. Guess it's had time to grow on me since the band keep appearing at the lives of my favourites.

Second was BLOOD. I don't think I've ever seen them live before, but know the members through other bands (and randomly ran into them handing out flyers last month). Most people are probably familiar with the guitarist, Kiwamu. I've seen him with GPKism several times, though my attention was mostly focused on Ken there. BLOOD's new bassist was also suport for GPK, but before that I was introduced to him through Misaruka, who tended to participate at E'm~grief~'s lives. And although I never cared too much for Misaruka's music (I really wanted to like them, and tried to get more into them at every live, but in the end the songs were a bit too noisy and unpolished. But this was a couple of years ago, so maybe they've improved now. We were given a free sample CD of their new single "Merrow" at yesterday's live, so I'll give them another listen). The vocalist of BLOOD is now Hayato, who also sings for SaTaN. I don't think we were even halfway into the first song before he started spitting and splashing water everywhere. Since none of us appreciate getting spit on or generally messed up by sudden showers, we escaped from the hall for the remainder of their set, and joined a couple of THE VELVET fans(who had come for dolore this day) at the drink bar. From there we could watch BLOOD's performance on a TV monitor. We couldn't hear them, but we could see Hayato continue to spit into the faces of the audience right up until the end of the last song... Not my thing.

I didn't know much about the third band, Suzaku, other than that Shagrath from Aikaryu is a member (Teru's "twin"). Their music was ok, but I probably enjoyed watching the members more. They're young and enthusiastic. 

As Suzaku finished, and Közi's guys got ready to take over the stage, the front half of the hall became very crowded. I stayed in fron of Sugiyan, as he's my favourite among them, and he really seemed to appreciate someone giving him more attention than the main musician. As usual Jiro and Charge were there as well. Charge is amazingly entertaining. Halfway into the set he suddenly disappeared off stage, leaving Közi looking a little confused muttering "huh, where did he go?" But then the others started playing the "Happy Birthday" song (He turned 39 last week). And then Charge reappeared carrying a cake and an incredibly huge birthday card, which made Sugiya have some sort of laughing fit (He's so shy it's cute. Kinda reminds me of Yossy). They struggled for a while to light the candles on the cake, before giving up. Charge took pictures of the audience, then staff took pictures of them in front of us. He didn't update his blog yet, but maybe one of them will end up there. At some point Charge hurled something in my direction. I hadn't been paying attention and suddenly felt like a rock had hit my shoulder. Looking down I saw a Koala March cookie lying on the floor.... He proceeded to try and throw one of them into Közi's open mouth, but failed. Sugiyan picked it up from the floor(...) and gave it a try too. But his wasn't any more successful than the first try, so Közi picked it up from the floor himself and put it in his mouth. (I think we passed the 5 second rule by a lot there...) Közi then frisbee'd the birthday card off the stage (lol) and handed out the candles from the cake before picking up his guitar again. To mine, and seemingly everyone else's delight, they ended their set with "Honey Vanity" :) Somehow Közi's lives always seem like one big party on stage.

After all of this, it was finally time for Art Cube.  And for this live the amazing girl doing Zeta cosplay could travel up to Tokyo and join us :D She made an excellent new costume to match Seiji's current look, all in just one week.

The setlist was the same as last time:
1. Breath of Mind.
2. akatsuki
3.  花陽影 (hanahikage)
4. Test Tube Skeleton
5. 失楽蝶 (shitsurakuchou) 

We're still waiting for Seiji to finish the making of the official Art Cube fan for us to use during akatsuki. But by now a lot of people have located the store where Seiji got the one he's currently using, so to the fans of the other bands it must look like we're using the "official" one already.
I was supposed to have more band related news to report here, as the band will do an instore event for the release of the coupling single with VII-Sense. But a certain man responsible for the MC forgot to tell us anything about it..... Instead the time was used to talk about the new addition to his family. Mikado and Miko, their two Bernese Mountain Dogs had a litter of puppies quite recently :) However, as a result they now have 9 pets... The appartment must be an interesting mess at the moment I'd imagine. Seiji posted a lot of pictures of puppies and parents on ameba for those who want to see them. (To add to the chaos, Seiji's sister seems to be visiting - with her dog, making it 10 animals, lol.) Anyway, that was the MC.

VII-Sense ended the live. Unfortunately there was no big session for the encore. We bought our tickets for next month's Art Cube vs. VII-Sense twoman and left.

Art Cube won't be doing any lives in Tokyo for some weeks now. But I'll be making a trip out to Saitama to see them there later this month, and Seiji and Shizuki will be part of a session at Megaromania's live on July 2nd. I also have the chance to see Seiji as Seth next weekend, but unfortunately Moi dix Mois' live is on the same day as THE VELVET's next live, and they're playing at the same time so it's impossible to make it in time for both (>_<) I've been contemplating what to do, but as of now it looks more like I'll be choosing Velvet. Partly because I chose Seiji over them last time something like this happened, and partly because I know how much they'll appreciate it. And at least I can meet up with my other friends who are going to see Moi dix Mois after the live. It's going to be a LONG wait that day though.... Doors open at 12:30, and Velvet aren't playing until 18:50 *__* Guess I'll bring a couple of books, and seek company in the staff who is going to be equally bored, lol.   


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(Deleted comment)
Jun. 9th, 2011 08:16 pm (UTC)
It's my favourite song of his, and I didn't expect to get to hear it that day :D

That would be adorable. There were four of them in one of MiMi's pictures....
Jun. 9th, 2011 08:58 pm (UTC)
Man, wish I could be there, too. :D At least at the next concert to keep you company. x_x That's a long time to wait. But, VELVET! They provide really good studying music, btw.

Hahaha dolore. <3 I think they've ninja'd their way into my interests, I'll have to look into their older stuff.

Have lots of fun! And thanks for the update on Kozi, I'm glad to hear he's still around. :D
Jun. 10th, 2011 09:23 am (UTC)
I miss going to lives with you... Are you still aiming for another trip next spring?

lol, dolore were being really cute trying to sell you stuff this January x) Shogo sounded so disappointed in his own English once you'd left their table.

Judging by the crowds, Kozi still have lots of people supporting him, so hopefully he will stay around for a while longer.
Jun. 10th, 2011 06:06 pm (UTC)
I actually put some serious thought into it, but I don't think I could do Spring next year because I'll be in the middle of my third semester then. I will be completely done by December 2012 (MD5 semester, Winter of next year) so the next plausible spring trip I could take would be one in 2013. I'll be working and taking the USMLE Winter/Spring 2013 also so it would be a good break. :) It's just farther off than I would like it to be, but alas, patience!

Aww I felt bad for not saying something to him about my lack of Japanese speaking ability, just to make him feel better. XD He's in Japan anyway, it should be me feeling silly not being to communicate properly with them. XD Next time~

Charades! lol

Glad to hear Kozi's still got a crowd, too. I hope to catch him and an MdM concert one day!
Jun. 10th, 2011 06:07 pm (UTC)
Since I can't edit: How long will you be staying in Japan? I'm guessing you're pretty much a permanent resident at this point with few plans to leave anytime soon, but I just wanted to make sure. X)
Jun. 11th, 2011 03:09 am (UTC)
It's difficult to say what I'll be doing in 2013 (my life has a tendency to go in unplanned directions), but I have no immediate plans of leaving the country, so presumibly I'll still be around to meet you :) Hopefully all the bands will too.

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