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浦和ナルシス & 池袋手刀

Been a busy but fun weekend! Kinda feels like I didn't have any weekend at all since most of it was spent at livehouses ^^; But enjoyed it a lot as usual!

On Saturday we took the trains up to Saitama to see
Art Cube played at Urawa NARCISS, as the last live of their spring tour before the big final in Tokyo next month.

I was familiar with about half the bands playing. The others were entertaining enough though. Wasn't a boring wait for the sixth band. Ensoku in particular... I'd seen them last year, and knew they usually put on an act. The vocalist (Buu?) can be a bit over the top, but he does a good job at making everyone laugh. I think about half their set was simply him talking and being funny. Apparently he was shouting something in English at me and mrs_fujiwara  at some point too (the only foreigners there), but neither of us got that it was an attempt at English, lol.

I always forget how small the stage at Narciss is, and how low it is as well. The guys are almost floor level. Because of this there's a.... vocalist box(?) that can't be moved at the front center of the stage. We were a bit worried about Seiji with his giant boots and long tight skirt, but he managed to make use of it, which added a new aspect to their performance.

1. Breath of Mind
2. 暁 (akatsuki)
3. 花陽影 (hanahikage)
4. 虹化鏡 (kougekyou)
5. 失楽超 (shitsurakuchou)

Akatsuki is the first Japanese title that doesn't consist of three impossible to read kanji..... Thanks Nobu.

The live was going quite well up until the last song. They got about a minute into shitsurakuchou before something seemed to be wrong with the drums, and they had to start over. They didn't get quite as far the second time around, when Yossy noticed something was wrong with the computer at the back of the stage. Seiji handed the mic to Shizuki while we waited for Yossy to fix the problem, and Shizuki went on to tell us something like "I... have a secret.   Art Cube are... currently................... on tour!" ......x) There's not much seriousness going on in this band.
They tried the song at least three times before they got it right. Then Seiji's right-eye eyelashes fell off, leaving him with one large eye, and one rather small one. And for the first time Seiji looked quite embarrassed. For the rest of the song he kept trying to hide his eye with his hair or hand, and turned sideways as to only show him his left side.... I think we all tried to show him we really did not care though. (Usually I wouldn't even mention something like this; it happens regularly. But it was just weird seeing Seiji look so embarrassed... He can usually laugh off anything).
They just don't seem to have much luck with the Narciss venue. But it was far worse last time, when we got about one and a half song because everything was against them that day ^^;

Anyway, MC was relevant as usual, lol. Seiji spent it talking about how warm it was wearing a skirt like his, and how it would slowly start moving upwards....
There weren't very many people at this live. It's a bit far to travel, and most of those who showed up were VII-Sense fans. But it allowed Seiji to do some more personal interaction during the songs, and he was especially cute during hanahikage, pointing at us individually while singing about how even when he closes his eyes, we will be there in his thoughts and heart.
Despite the trouble they had, those kind of things more than make up for traveling out there :)

They still didn't annouce anything regarding what song will be on the single they're releasing with VII-Sense soon, but if rumours turn out to be true, it will be akatsuki - the song Seiji refers to whenever he writes "dancingu dancingu" in his blog or on twitter (which has been a lot lately). It's the song with the feathery folding fans.
Also still waiting for more information about the instore event. It would be nice to know which store we should buy the CD from at least ^^; 

Then on Sunday we headed to Ikebukuro for

Finally they would do a live with the two original support members again! I have nothing against the new support members, but I've grown really fond of Mai and Chiro. Especially the latter since he's been with the band since 2008. We had, again, requested him to come over to our side this time, and he fulfilled the wish in the most adorable way ever. As I've mentioned before, during the intro each member comes on stage one by one now. When it was Chiro's turn, he came smilingly over to us blowing kisses. I wish we could have gotten more time with him. Nothing has been officially announced yet (I guess they don't know for sure yet themselves either?), but it really does look like this live might have been Chiro's last with THE VELVET. Which would be incredibly sad :( With him, we will also probably be losing some of the fans. Even MiMi's MC was focused on negative things, about bands ending their activities etc, and he even used themselves as an example ("[...]for instance, if THE VELVET were to end....") Way to go scaring us.....But I'll continue hoping we'll see Chiro again some day, and that the band will continue for many years still.

But apart from that, they were all smiles during the performance :)
They have a new flyer:

Double-sided this time;

One week till their next live; while Seiji and Shizuki are doing some session activities already this Saturday. Keeping us busy :) 


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