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『Recurrence of Hallucination』

In the middle of some extremely busy days right now. But a Schwarz Stein live is a pretty rare opportunity, so we headed over to Takadanobaba AREA the other day.

The live was sold out, so the venue was completely packed (Quite a contrast to the day before, when we were only 10 people there to begin with). As we picked up our tickets we were given the signed photo above as a free gift :) They were also selling some goods both before and after the live. Various old photosets, an SS keitai strap with a black rose, the new CD + CDs from the two solo projects.

Kaya posted the setlist in his blog;

Testament (SE)
1. Perfect Garden
2. Rise to Heaven
- MC -
4. Queen of Decadence
5. PREDICT-Rosen Clarion-
- MC - 
8. transient
9. 黒揚羽
10. beautiful the Virgin
12. Syphilis and Disorder
13. Succubus

- MC - 

encore 2
- MC - 
16. Current
17. New vogue children

The show lasted for about two hours - One hour for the main live, then another hour for the encores since there was a lot of talking towards the end. I had never seen Schwarz Stein before, as they disbanded long before I moved to Japan, so I can't say how they did last night compared to 7+ years ago. But I was there with friends who used to go to their lives, and didn't hear any complaints from them at least. And friends who were also seeing them for the first time thought they were great.

I have lots of opportunities to see Kaya live, so I decided to be on Hora's side of the stage this time. And it was obvious that a lot of people had missed him. He got an equal share of screams for his name. He kept laughing and calling the audience "urusai", finding it strange to get all this attention.
Those of you who have taken a look at Kaya's blog probably saw that he posted a picture of them both there. Kaya was wearing the old SS costume, and Hora was in black shirt, vest and pants, with platform boots. The stage was very simplistic, with nothing but a small keyboard on it. Hora would also use the old weird-looking horned keytar for many of the songs to allow for more movement about the stage.

To begin with, the MCs were mostly Kaya, but he eventually got Hora to join in with the help of loud shouts of encouragement from the crowd. When introducing one of their oldest songs from before SS, "黒揚羽" (kuro ageha), Kaya talked a bit about when the two of them first started a band together, which was Rudolf Steiner. And asked if anyone in the audience had seen them in that band. He looked surprised but quite pleased when a few people raised there hands, and said that maybe some of the people there hadn't been to a livehouse for the past seven years. To which Hora raised his hand and answered "hai!" lol. He also mentioned a certain "guy dressed in black" that helped them once Schwarz Stein was formed but wouldn't mention any name, and Hora going "Who can it be???" in the background x)

CREEPER was probably the most fun song of them all. Partly because it was the most violent one - which of course made it quite painful as there were a lot of people jumping on and throwing themselves into those in the front row. But the Hora fan next to me put her arm around my back to protect me from the worst of it, which helped a lot. Didn't expect that). And also because Hora did vocals for this song, and we were all able to do the old furi. Kaya noticed and commented on how different it is from the furi that's done nowadays.

When they returned to the stage for the encore, Hora was carrying a digital camera and started taking pictures of us. Kaya asked him if he would post them on his blog, but Hora said it was just for his own entertainment, and when he got home he would probably laugh at our messed up make-up and hair. There were girls desperately trying to fix their fake lashes, but he just shouted at them "It's no use! :p" while laughing and having fun, making sure to gets pics of everyone in the front area as closely as possible. oh Hora x) .... I kinda hope he keeps that promise of not uploading them. Taking close-up pics at the end of a live like that is mean, lol.
There were also several video cameras capturing the live from various angles btw. The cameras were of the small hand-held type, so I doubt there'll be a proper full-lenght DVD. But maybe they'll make a digest as a bonus for something :)

I was really happy to hear New Vogue Children, which is one of my favourite songs of theirs. Kaya got us all to sing along to it.
As the song ended, he thanked us, and said how despite lyrics being dark he can't help but always sing with a big smile on his face together with us. Hora enthusiastically commented "Me too!", which made everyone laugh, as Hora's face always looks more like :-|

I hope this isn't the last we see of Hora. He seemed like a really fun guy, and him and Kaya have good chemistry on stage.
Kaya told us "Let's meet in another dream", and then the show was over.

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