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~漆黒のシンフォニー~ @ 埼玉会館ホール

Just got home from the long event in Saitama.

Managed to get up ealy, and we arrived in Urawa around 10:30. Walking from the station, we ran into a couple of the other Art Cube fans, which was good as it turned out we had no idea where the Kaikan Hall was.... But one of the other girls had been there before and could show us the way. Met up with the regulars of the other bands outside the hall, and waited around in the heat for the doors to open.

The hall was pretty nice. You could sit wherever you wanted, and each row of seats was on a different level (like a movie theater), making it easy to see the stage. There was a big lobby outside with goodstables from all 15 bands, and we could come and go as we pleased as long as we got our hand stamped on our way out.

Towards the end of the event, we were all feeling tired and sick of watching bands, but I enjoyed several of the bands playing in the early afternoon. Especially the band playing before Art Cube; called S.D.I. (these guys). They were absolutely hilarious. After they were done, they were running around the hall handing out anketo, and they guy talking at the beginning of the video came happily climbing over chairs to reach us. 
Art Cube was the 7th band, playing around 3pm. And agian, they really need to vary their setlist more.... Before they came on stage, I already mentioned to a friend I assumed their set would be --> Hanahikage, akatsuki no mai, shitsurakuchou. And I was absolutely right.... They don't hand out any anketo at lives anymore, but I hope they'll get some feedback about this eventually through other means.
We were only a few fans there yesterday, so it felt a bit empty since the stage is so wide and the hall so big. But I also think it's nice with some less crowded lives now and then, so personally I didn't mind much.

Seiji was nice enough to show up on stage wearing a birthday present me and a friend had given him a couple of days earlier. (a snake bracelet from an English brand he likes). Didn't expect to see it on stage, so that was a really nice surprise. He had taken care to put in on the hand he was holding the mic in, so that we would notice :) 

Towards the end, they had the brilliant idea of folding their new flyer into paper planes and sending them into the audience. They all ended up crashlanding into the stage floor or us, so they quickly gave up on that and simply handed them to us instead while laughing, lol

After each band had finished, the hostess would come on stage and call a member of the previous band back to do a free-talk session. From Art Cube she called Seiji to come join her on stage :) She asked him a few questions about his hobbies, which, as we all know is sitting around at home watching television all day.... Then she went on to ask about what his ideal woman was like. He thought about that for a while, before pointing at himself saying he prefers "someone kind of gothic who matches this style".... I know some of you will get the hidden meaning here. It made us regular fans laugh, it was a cute way of conveying it x) The ideal date would be sitting together watching television all day (I'm hoping he's joking about this one), and the discussion then turned to how his apartment looks. Seiji mentioned there are some pictures available in the recent CURE magazine. Did any of you see? There are pics of the apartments of several musicians, but Seiji said his was the only one that didn't show anything related to music.
You know, except the big Moi dix Mois logo candle in the middle of one of the photos, oops (He admitted in his blog after the magazine was released that "it appeared to be one music related item that had slipped through unnoticed", lol)


Other than that, he reminded us to get the new AC application for smartphones when it's released next month, as he needs money to get bigger breasts....   ok then.

The band following Art Cube was 美女♂men Vlossom. 
It's the new project of Yakkun. I don't know how many of you outside of Japan are familiar with him? He's a pretty wellknown celebrity from television here (Probably most easily recognizible wearing this school uniform), and he also did some comedy act on stage (The kind you see on variety shows here). Later he joined the other bandguys in the lobby and posed for pictures with fans. This is his current band btw. They did a cover of Shazna's "Melty Love".

We spent the next four or so hours waiting around in the lobby too, and returned to the hall in time to catch the last couple of bands - NEGA and Dolly. When they were done, two members from each of the 15 bands came back out on stage carrying signed beach balls. Art Cube members were Seiji and Nobu. And then they all threw them into the crowd. Here's a deflated AC beach ball:

Now, sleep.


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