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Carmilla meets whatshisname

We took the train out to Kawasaki to attend the Node of Scherzo. I hadn't been to this city before, and felt bad I didn't have more time to check it out, cause it looked like an interesting place.
The show was amazing, and we got to stand quite close to both the main stage and the sub stage :) It's great to see so many of your favourite artists on stage at the same time.  Hearing them all sing the Node of Scherzo theme song together at the end of the concert was the best part of the entire show imo. 

The three leading vocalists all played the role of various characters. Kamijo was the vampire king Louis, Kaya was the vampire queen Carmilla, and Juka was.....Alan...? (why?)  Hizaki threw candy at us from a small Halloween basket. Jasmine did magic, and Yuki's energy makes him so fun to watch ^-^  I hope parts of this show will be included on the forthcoming DVDs. Kazuno has gotten handsome *__* I never knew THAT was what was hiding under all that dix make-up. Kanzaki also impressed me, and I'm looking forward to hear more from his project. Kaya was fun as well, but I think most of his fans might have been in the 10,000 yen seats. A lot of the people around me didn't know about the air-grabbing thingie for Rose Jail.

Can't wait for the Christmas concerts now   ^__^
Tags: club citta', juka, kamijo, kaya, node of scherzo, versailles

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