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Just a short entry about last night 's Moi dix Mois live, as they made a couple of announcements.

The first can be seen on the flyer above. Their next live will take pace at Shibuya WWW on November 3rd. The second announcement will probably be more of interest to those who can't attend lives in Japan; they didn't give us a release date, but there will be a best-of album with re-recorded songs. And apparently the songs will all be old, pre-Beyond the Gate. It will be interesting hearing Seth do vocals for those songs, and I'm looking forward to hearing Sugiya's bass too! (I absolutely love his solos, and wish he'd do more of them at lives). You can message Mana and request songs you want to be on the album. I hope they'll include "Pageant" :)

The live itself was surprisingly enjoyable. Usually during their lives we're painfully smashed into the bar in front of the stage, leaving the venue with bruises. But this time the general pushing was less than usual, and the two of us in the center were lucky enough to have some very considerate men behind us, acting as a protective wall. No pain, no ruined hair corsages or ripped piercings. I think I want these guys there at every live ever from now on! Seth did ask people to step back a bit like he usually does at their lives nowadays, but for once there was no need for this in our case.

The band had new costumes. Mana mainly in white with blue details. Corset and fluffy white skirt over the usual black shorts and tights. The others were all in black and red, Seth with appropriate snake skin details on his coat + feathers added to his left shoulder. And in addition to Seth and K's red hair, the other two had dyed theirs too. K had also dyed his beard a bright red.... Looked kinda funny ^^;

Another highlight if the evening took place as they did member introductions. Seth introduced the various members one by one, and they would all play a small solo. When the turn came to Mana, he stunned everyone by playing a part of "Kioku to Sora", the old Tetsu-era Malice Mizer song! They seemed to enjoy the look of joy and surprise on everyone's faces.

I'm not sure what was going on over on Mana's side of the stage at the very end of the live, since he was leaning into the audience at an angle I couldn't see. But as he came back up on stage, he fell over a box on the stage floor, toppled backwards and fell down. He stayed there for a while, the other members seemingly not knowing if something was wrong or not. Seth eventually helped him to his feet, and supported him as they all gathered in front of us to do a final jump together, hand-in-hand. Mana was still a bit unsteady, so I hope he was OK... As they were all leaving the stage however, Seth managed to fall over that same box and made everyone start laughing again, lol.

All in all a fun live!


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Aug. 22nd, 2011 04:56 am (UTC)
We were really surprised too. The lights went out, and we braced ourselves against the preassure wave we knew would come, but then... nothing. For the first time we could actually dance along to the music :D I'm really grateful for those guys.

I'm sure there will be a lot of people complaining Seiji sounds more boring than Juka... But I think I will enjoy some of the old songs more with the new members (I don't listen to their music very often either though).
(Deleted comment)
Aug. 22nd, 2011 09:41 am (UTC)
I understand you. Seiji is the reason I attend Moi dix Mois events (though I adore Sugiya too), so personally I'm not too interested in the pre-Seth stuff. Not that I don't like the older songs, but once you get attached to certain members it just isn't the same hearing the music done by others.
Aug. 22nd, 2011 09:53 pm (UTC)
Thanks for the report! :)
It's nice to read about their lives since they don't seem to be doing those much. Do they even do national tours anymore? :/

That CD really does sound interesting! Have they been playing Pageant lately? I really like it, too, and on old live DVD it looked like very much fun live song! :) (And did Seiji really say he wants that one to be included? I read that on scape...)

Hmm I really like both of their voices (I used to think that they sounded similar, but I preferred Juka's voice. Seiji's voice grew on me, so now I like him very much, too. But nowadays, Seiji > Shaura, imo) , but I can't quite say which songs would I like to hear in a new version. I just can't imagine how would it be to hear Seth singing, for example, Monophobia or Shadows Temple. However, I'm very curious what will they choose and how will it sound, so I'm looking forward to it. :)

I'm really glad to hear it was enjoyably and without crushing!
New costumes sound... red. lol I dunno, I guess in my mind coulours of M10M will always be black&blue. XD But wtf? at the red beard? hahahh
Btw was Seth wearing the bracelet on this live, too?

Ah, it must've been lovely hearing the part of KtS! Good surprise there! :)

I hope Mana didn't get hurt when he fell and that it was just a bit of a clumsiness and nothing else. :/

As they were all leaving the stage however, Seth managed to fall over that same box and made everyone start laughing again, lol.
Aaaaand rofl! Of course it had to be him, haha. Nice way to end a live Seth! <3 XD
I'm surprised that he remembered to say important announcements. lol XD
Aug. 23rd, 2011 06:08 am (UTC)
They did a national tour last year, but it's not something that happens very often.

And I think there might have been a misunderstanding in translation there? The songs the members mentioned where "songs that mean a lot to them". But Seiji said he would request Mana to include Pageant since that's the song that he likes :)

Seiji clearly has a stronger and more trained voice than Juka, but I completely understand those who prefer the latter too. Juka's voice isn't bad either.

I really like the black x red colour combo. (Though not a fan of that red beard, lol) And Seiji and Kengo probably wouldn't want to dye their hair black at this point, so it goes well with that too, rather than having those random splashes of colour among only black and blue. And of course it makes Mana stand out, him being the only one different from the others...
Seiji couldn't wear any bracelets during the live, not even the Lapis Lazuli ones he usually wears everywhere, as his arms were covered in long black arm covers, and they were too lose to put something on the outside of them. But he was still wearing the big snake ring on his left hand (Looks like he never takes it off, even in private. It's the one from the same brand as the bracelet http://i56.tinypic.com/2ujrwqc.jpg).

From what Mana himself said in his blog, and those who were standing on his side, the collapse was caused by lack of oxygen. This means he would probably be ok again after resting for a while, so that's good. And good thing it happened as the show was ending.
And there is no way Mana would let Seiji forget important announcements ;)
Aug. 23rd, 2011 05:02 pm (UTC)
Okay, maybe "wants" was the wrong choice of words from my side. I'll quote from scape: "...every member told what song they like to be included in the release...". I understood it like those songs might or might not be on CD, but they would like to include them. Or did I misunderstand it?
Or I guess you've just explained it, haha XD

Yeah, that's true about his voice. I guess it might be just because I've 1st heard Juka's songs and most of my favourite songs from them were sang by him on CDs... But tbh I think his voice was better suited to HGP and "solo project" than anything else (music I mean)... :/

I wanted to make a joke about Mana being a weirdo anyway so that's why he's different from others, but I figured maybe not... I do have TONS of respect for that guy. ^^

Oooooooh, that ring is gorgeous! *___* And I'd like to say that he has really nice hands. I don't usually pay attention to that, but since only hands can be seen... And his look quite soft and smooth (and smallish, haha). :)

Ah good to hear that. Thanks for telling me. :)
I can totally imagine Mana's glare if he forgot that... XD
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