Jeanette (chounohana) wrote,

Le dixième anniversaire @ 渋谷duo music exchange

Just a short entry about last night 's Moi dix Mois live, as they made a couple of announcements.

The first can be seen on the flyer above. Their next live will take pace at Shibuya WWW on November 3rd. The second announcement will probably be more of interest to those who can't attend lives in Japan; they didn't give us a release date, but there will be a best-of album with re-recorded songs. And apparently the songs will all be old, pre-Beyond the Gate. It will be interesting hearing Seth do vocals for those songs, and I'm looking forward to hearing Sugiya's bass too! (I absolutely love his solos, and wish he'd do more of them at lives). You can message Mana and request songs you want to be on the album. I hope they'll include "Pageant" :)

The live itself was surprisingly enjoyable. Usually during their lives we're painfully smashed into the bar in front of the stage, leaving the venue with bruises. But this time the general pushing was less than usual, and the two of us in the center were lucky enough to have some very considerate men behind us, acting as a protective wall. No pain, no ruined hair corsages or ripped piercings. I think I want these guys there at every live ever from now on! Seth did ask people to step back a bit like he usually does at their lives nowadays, but for once there was no need for this in our case.

The band had new costumes. Mana mainly in white with blue details. Corset and fluffy white skirt over the usual black shorts and tights. The others were all in black and red, Seth with appropriate snake skin details on his coat + feathers added to his left shoulder. And in addition to Seth and K's red hair, the other two had dyed theirs too. K had also dyed his beard a bright red.... Looked kinda funny ^^;

Another highlight if the evening took place as they did member introductions. Seth introduced the various members one by one, and they would all play a small solo. When the turn came to Mana, he stunned everyone by playing a part of "Kioku to Sora", the old Tetsu-era Malice Mizer song! They seemed to enjoy the look of joy and surprise on everyone's faces.

I'm not sure what was going on over on Mana's side of the stage at the very end of the live, since he was leaning into the audience at an angle I couldn't see. But as he came back up on stage, he fell over a box on the stage floor, toppled backwards and fell down. He stayed there for a while, the other members seemingly not knowing if something was wrong or not. Seth eventually helped him to his feet, and supported him as they all gathered in front of us to do a final jump together, hand-in-hand. Mana was still a bit unsteady, so I hope he was OK... As they were all leaving the stage however, Seth managed to fall over that same box and made everyone start laughing again, lol.

All in all a fun live!

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