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Noticed I haven't written anything for a while... Got some extra free time today and a typhoon is currently making it difficult/dangerous to go outside.

Typhoon number 15, Roke, recently made landfall. It's been pretty bad down in Nagoya since last night, and it just reached Tokyo. Rain and wind are quite strong at the moment, and I can hear the sound of objects flying around hitting the walls of buildings outside, but at least I won't have to worry about landslides where I live or start evacuating.

Yesterday was Art Cube's sponsored event. I was happy to hear the Zeta-sama cosplayer would be able to join us again :) But she lives in Nagoya, so while we were waiting for Art Cube to come on stage, we found out all the busses going back there that night were cancelled, making it difficult for her to return home. I talked to her on the phone this morning though, and she managed to get back safely by Shinkansen. Watching the news now, I see even that train has suspended their services in the area now, so it was lucky she didn't end up staying here overnight. A lot of businesses in the city seem to be running as usual despite the floods. Hopefully everyone will stay safe.

With a couple of exceptions, the bands performing last night were fairly unknown to me:

I enjoyed JyuLie. Similar concept as Kagrra, mixing traditional music and rock. I thought maybe they might be new; never heard of them before, and they only had a couple of fans there. But judging from their discography they've been around for at least a year. Wish I had time to check out a few more lives from them, but I'll just have to hope they'll end up playing at some of the lives of the bands I already follow. 
I'll soon get see more of some of the other bands listed above. Vallquar are doing a sponsored event next month, and they've invited THE VELVET, so I'll be there too. Drosera Oblaat are also scheduled to appear at this live... Less enthusiastic about that... I try to be open minded when watching bands, even if they're not to my liking. But this vocalist was extremely noisy. I saw people putting their fingers in their ears during many of his high pitched screams. There'll probably be a lot of people at that event, as Shun from Vidoll is doing a session. Will certainly be more crowded than yesterday's live... There were surprisingly few people there; those who came were mostly Art Cube fans + a few Moi dix Mois fans. I prefer lives with less people though, so for my own part it was nice.

Art Cube finally got some new goods. We thought they might have the fans for Akatsuki no mai ready for this live, but instead they sold something that's referred to as "gacha gacha" in Japanese. Not sure what it would be in English? For 500 yen you got a plastic capsule with a random item inside. A lot of them contained badges with either pictures of the members, or of their pets, lol. There were a lot of badges with Seiji's puppies, and also of Yossy's dog, Peko. Seiji had included some pokemon too. There were also keitai straps - coin-sized blank straps that the various members had written/drawn something on. Some were simply signed, while other were completely random, like "I ate dinner!". or "I am the ramen king!" (both Nobu)... A few of them contained cheki, and there was one with a t-shirt.

Seiji made a cute illustration for it:


Don't know how well you can see them in this picture, but those were some of the badges:

It's an ongoing joke among the fans, teasing Seiji for being chubby... He said during the MC at this live that he had managed to lose some weight lately, and he really must have. He wears rings on all ten of his fingers at lives, and they were all flying off in all directions while he was dancing around. One of them hit Nobu in the face, lol. And Seiji had to go around searching for them while talking. Guess he needs to get them re-fitted.

And as usual he completely messed up the MC.... So bad this time, both him and some of the others were joking about it in their blogs afterwards. He also told us to subscribe to the various members' blog (as 'readers', 読者, on ameba. That way we will receive an email when one of them updates). Subscribe to everyone except himself that is. He posts so much, it would be like spam in our inboxes. (It really would).

At the entrance of the live house they had a new poster advertising the single to be released in October, in case some of you didn't see the cover art yet :)


( 3 darlings — Bonjour Honey! )
Sep. 21st, 2011 01:39 pm (UTC)
I used to love Kyokas screms some years ago and I still listen to Aliene Ma'riage sometimes, but I listened to this Drosera Oblaat band and it is really awful XD Its just tooo noisy for my ears!

Oh and be careful with the Typhoon :O
Sep. 21st, 2011 01:52 pm (UTC)
I respect that some people might really enjoy his voice. But those people were definitely not a majority at yesterday's live. And I think having the huge loudspeakers with really loud sound right in front of us made it a bit more painful on the ears than listening to a CD for examples.

We are! :) The worst of it has moved on further north now, and I don't think Tokyo was hit as badly as Nagoya. Me and all friends I've been in contact with stayed safely inside waiting it out. There was another M5.3 earthquake here a few minutes ago though .__. It would be nice if these things came one at a time. (Just the thought of a 3/11 quake + tsunami happening during a typhoon... >_<)
(Deleted comment)
Sep. 21st, 2011 09:18 pm (UTC)
The goods were popular enough to sell out, and the staff promised there would be more. (Guess it depends on Seiji, since he's the one making most of it).

The guys from JyuLie still seem young, and they had some problems getting a proper reaction from the crowd at first (Never fun being the first band out when you're not exactly super popular). But the vocalist managed to charm a lot of people through his MC, so the crowd joined in towards the end.
I liked their random anketo; hand written with questions like "How do you avoid catching a cold?" And they remained out among us girls throughout the entire live.
( 3 darlings — Bonjour Honey! )

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