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Such a fun live! I've been so busy this past week, with almost no sleep at all, so I was worried I wouldn't be able to enjoy the event much, but I'm so glad I went afterall.

At the entrance we were met by some really nice flower arrangements for the sponsoring artist. The one for Satsuki was especially cute.


TRIGGAH was the first band. I'm not very familiar with their music, but it's Tomozo's band, so I have seen them at events with Art Cube a few times. This was the first time I've stayed in the front area to watch them though, and actually took part in the furi. The music isn't too intereting for me, but the guys are really cute to watch and seem to have a lot of fun (not only playing and interacting with fans, but having fun together as friends on stage).

Art Cube was second. And most of all I enjoyed the large group of friends among the fans there :) It's even more fun than the lives themselves, gathering with a lot of people you don't really see that often on other occasions due to busy everyday lives etc.
It's difficult to say anything in particular about the live, other than that they finished their set without any noticable mistakes this time! (Not including Seiji messing up the MC, misreading the MC notes and failing at Japanese, lol. That all happened.) The new announcement made was that they will do another oneman already on March 2nd next year! Didn't expect them to announce this so soon, as we are still waiting for the annual December oneman (Which this year is a two-day event: A oneman with member sessions on the 12th, and then a threeman on the 13th together with Kaya and Kozi).

On an Art Cube related note, the fanclub goods arrived today.

The member card is surprisingly good quality, and they had made sure to pack it carefully inside a nice plastic folder. I have bad experiences with fanclubs for bands here in Japan, so I hope ZEALOT will continue to suprise me in a good way! It will probably take a little time before everything is up and running smoothly, but maybe we'll get to try out the FC ticket system with the March oneman.

At this live they also did a presale of the new single, akatsuki no mai (special live version). Listening to it now, and they did change part of the songs from the live arrangements, but it's still good. The chorus of the title track is exactly as it is at their lives, and instantly makes me think of everyone waving colourful feathery folding fans around while dancing :) I wish they'd kept the chanting at the beginning of Test tube skeleton ("creep out from test tube") as strong and loud as I'm used to it, but I'll get used to pretty fast. The extra song on the live version of the single is an acoustic guitar version of shitsurakuchou. The only instruments are Seiji's voice + the guitar (They used two different guitar tracks at parts to add to the melody).

After Art Cube, Kaya was up next. Haven't seen much of him lately, and had a lot of fun finally seeing him on stage again! And it made me even happier to hear him announce the second song would be Epicurean. I had brought the old pink fan on a whim, though I hadn't really expected him to do that song (or any old songs for that matter). Both Medusiana and Rose Jail were enjoyable too since we stayed up on the second level where no one were jumping on top of us and painfully crushing us in an attempt to touch the man....
As usual he talked for half his set. But at least he's really funny! He announced som new goods; a handkerchief, a mirror, and a photo album to keep cheki in (If you're not interested in cheki, he suggested you use it for business cards instead). He also talked about an upcoming tour, as well as an event he'll be doing in Shinjuku's 2-chome, saying it'll be his first time going there, lol (2-chome is the largest gay district in Tokyo). This latter event sounds kinda interesting, might be fun to go.

Satsuki was last. I decided to stay to watch him too, and I'm glad I did! Had never seen him before, but heard a lot about him from friends. I quite enjoyed the music, and the furi made it even more fun. They played nine songs, including a completely new one called Romance. It was one of my favourites. They hadn't planned an encore, but some of the fans had brought a cake and flowers for the birthday of the bassist, so they had to come back on stage to sing him Happy Birthday and hand over the gifts. And so we got to hear Romance a second time (since they hadn't rehearsed anything in particular). 

Five days until the next Art Cube live! And lots to do until then.

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