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Midnight Circus 第7怪

We finally got a Halloween event with THE VELVET :)

Met up with some of the other girls early, took pictures and ate candy for an hour before heading to the livehouse. Weren't that many people there to begin with, but it filled up nicely after a while. As we entered, those who had come in Halloween costumes were given bags of candy as a gift, really cutely wrapped by MiMi in small Halloween bags.

As with all sponsored events, the sponsoring band is playing last, so we had to wait through five other bands before THE VELVET finally would come on stage. Weren't too familiar with the others; can only remember seeing Chiklo before (Which is an all girls band btw.) But we were asked to join the front row for Tokami, so we did, and it was quite fun :) Thankfully no complicated furi, lol. Then we got a short break to get ready while Bokurano played.

A little past 8pm it was time to return to the front for these guys:

(^the newest flyer. I recently acquired a scanner.)

And a group of fans I haven't seen in months suddenly showed up :D Was very happy to see two people who used to be regulars, but were fans of Chiro (the previous support bassist), so they stopped coming to the lives when he left. One of them is a boy (the only one among only female fans), and it was adorable to see him cheer Chiro on. Didn't expect them to show up since it was the new bassist, Hitzuru, at this live. Don't really know him that well yet, and it's kinda hard to see him when he's way over on the other side of the stage, but he came and mingled with the fans afterwards, which was nice.

An accurate setlist will have to wait until MiMi posts it online. But they have a new song that they've been playing at the last couple of lives that's really fun, and different from their other stuff. Someone had requested a song with "moshing". Moshing at these kind of lives isn't the pushing and slightly dangerous activity you see at for instance Western lives. It's basically running from one side of the room to the other while jumping. You can see an example of it starting at 1:49 in this video (yes, completely random video)
And the very first live after people asked for it, they had a song ready with lots of moshing. It's called 理想的なサル (risoutekina saru), which means something like "ideal monkeys". I assume the 'monkey' part is at least somewhat directed at us flailing about in front of them XD But MiMi's started introducing the song with "saru ni naru" (I'll become a monkey), followed by doing some sort of monkey inspired dance on stage, lol. It's almost unfortunate that there's a guitar solo during this part, as I'd rather just watch MiMi make a fool out of himself (before we have to do so).
They also did "Mayonaka no Circus", which has become limited to the sponsored events. I'll just continue mentioning here how much I want it on a CD in the hopes that they eventually will include it.

Most of the songs they played were pretty lively, so after an hour or so, we were quite exhausted. But enjoying ourselves a lot. After the last song, we got a few minutes to recover while calling the members back on stage for an encore. We called them back one by one, and of course it's up to the person who is in front of the individual members to initiate the various calls.... I always feel silly going "Beraaa!" all by myself ^^; (You're supposed to do it in a high-pitched "cute" voice). Then, when it was MiMi's turn to return to the stage, it was Bera who started going "MiMiiii!!" instead of the girls, lol. He's so much fun. I'm glad he's been at the goods table more frequently lately. It was only him there tonight. They were doing a pre-sale of the new single, but I decided to wait as we'll probably get some kind of bonus if we buy it at the stores.

MiMi put a bird cage on my head, Bera threw me his guitar pick, and then a really fun event had come to an end.... Will be a long wait until November 21st.

(^The glasses the girl on the lower right is wearing are MiMi's actual glasses.)

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