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Thursday morning we headed over to Shinbashi, to see "The Phantom of the Opera"! :)

Woke up to pouring rain after days of nice, sunny weather here in Tokyo (>.<) But we took the trains over to Shinbashi fairly early to have time to stop by a cafe for breakfast before the doors at the theater would open at 1pm.

Before the show started, there was time for some goods shopping :) They had a lot of cute stuff. Had to limit myself though, so only got a few things:

Close-up of the phone strap:

They even had teddy bears!

Erik, Christine, Raoul

Phantom Bear

How many of you have seen "The Phantom of the Opera"? (irl musical, movies, youtube, read the book?) It was the first novel I read in English, so the story always stayed with me. And I've been a fan of the musical since I was about 9 years old.
I was so positively surprised with this production! I have seen the musical on its original stage in London several times, and though that's still my favourite, they had done an amazing job with reproduzing it for the Japanese stage. The staging and props were perfect. I was also very satisfied with the voices of everyone and, like the original, there was an orchestra playing live music along with the singing. It was a bit weird at first suddenly hearing everything in a different language, but that was interesting too :)

Poster signed by all the stars:

After the 3 hour long show was over, we stopped by a nearby restaurant, where they had an awesome dessert!

Spent most of the day in that part of town, but had some time to stop by Shinjuku later.

Found some more unnecessary cute stuff.
By day:

By night (and the sole reason for getting them):

(Thanks to Angelica for the korilakkuma <3 I love it!)

Also doubles as cat toys....

Bonus model shot.
(Practicing tying a tie)

Next few days are planned already; Will probably finally go to Ueno Zoo again on Monday, if the weather's ok. Haven't been there since March last year, and apparently they got both pandas and llamas since then. And by now, the panda craze should have died down a little, so one doesn't have to stand in line for hours to catch a glimpse of them. (People were waiting outside the park during the night before the first day of their appearance at the park o.O  I'm probably more excited about the llamas myself, lol).
Want to visit one of the Disney parks again soon too.... Didn't get to have too much fun the last time I was there. Still have this in my wallet since that day:

They'll probably do some sort of marking once we get to the one year anniversary of the 11th in a couple of weeks.
Hope they'll eventually be able to find the remains of those still missing so their families can get some peace.

/entry with no consistency....
Hope you're all doing well :)

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