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More purikura, and summer happenings.

Haven't written about live going here for a while.... I'm still attending lives! But nowadays, with a few occasional exceptions, it's only lives where THE VELVET is playing. They're doing 2~3 lives a month, so it's more than enough to occupy my spare time. Having lots of fun though!  Yesterday they played at Takadanobaba AREA:


^Had only seen two of the bands before (as far as I can remember). Not really sure what Refine:Zero was doing there.... They were far from being a visual band. But they put on a fun performance, and the guys were nice. A couple of them came over after playing just for the sake of talking, shyly asking about where I came from, how long I've been in Tokyo etc. Apparently one of them used to be in a visual band; neueziel.
There were pretty much no people at this live. We were 7 people there when the live started, and since people kept leaving after the band they were interested in had played, the numbers didn't increase much. But (as I've mentioned before) those are my favourite kind of lives. So easy to peacfully enjoy the various bands, and just hang out and have a conversation with other people.
I really liked GURIGULA! My favourite there apart from THE VELVET :) Hope they'll appear at a live again.

For THE VELVET, us jouren dressed up in yukata for the occasion, now that summer is truly here...


First time in years were we attended their live without polkadots ^^; But Bera and MiMi are also currently wearing some kind of happi, so at least we were sort of matching? :p

One of the highlights of the night was the fact that they did NOT play 理想的なサル.... We like the song and all, but most of us hate doing the moshing at lives (-__-) And we've now had to do that at every single live for almost a year.
The setlist felt different than usual this time:
1. 同じ月を見ている
2. 不機嫌なマリー
3. ヒロイン
4. 嘘つきオンナの舌を抜け
6. 愛憎倒錯遊戯
7. ヴィクトール

With the yukata, obi, and stuff, I'm glad the three first songs were fairly calm ones. ...Followed by some very hurriedly removal (ripping out) of hair accessories for usotsuki onna's headbanging x)
We're still not sure what to make of the new song ("onaji tsuki wo miteiru"). It's kinda hard to find the proper furi to match it. Maybe it'll get easier once they include it on some release... They had an encore planned on the setlist that was taped to the stage (seijaku), but unfortunately AREA didn't allow them to do it, though we tried calling for an encore through the "The live is over" etc. message coming from the speakers after the curtain had closed ^^; Hopefully they'll play seijaku at the next live instead then. There's still two more this month :) 

For the occasion of my birthday, the other girls surprised me with presents!


Totally didn't expect it.

Inside the hall with the stage, receiving the gifts.


You can see how "crowded" it was from the empty room behind us, lol....

All the fans are so nice, I'm really thankful for how friendly all the Velvet fans are <3 Made a lot of great friends through their lives. This Saturday, about 8 of us will be going to a fireworks festival (花火大会) together which I'm really looking forward to :)

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