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LAREINE 55 questions

I'm working on a translation of LAREINE's 55 questions from Vicious 2/2000. Any additions or corrections are welcome :)

LAREINE 55 questions


1. Please tell us your height, weight and shoe size.

Kamijo: 173cm, 53kg, 25.5cm

Mayu: 170cm, 52kg, 24.5cm

Emiru: …

Machi: 173cm, 52kg, 24.5~25.0cm


2. What do you wake to in the morning?

Kamijo: “Waratte iitomo”

Mayu: The alarm clock

Emiru: The alarm clock


4. Please tell us what your breakfast is?

Kamijo: One yoghurt (strawberry)

Mayu: Toast

Emiru: I don’t eat [breakfast]

Machi: [??] and [green] tea


5. Do you like taking baths? For how long?

Kamijo: I like it a lot. Two times a day, 30 minutes.

Mayu: I like it. 30~40 minutes.

Emiru: I just take showers.

Machi: I love it. About one hour.


6. What shampoo and conditioner are you currently using?

Kamijo: O~ MA CHÉRIE!

Mayu: LUX

Emiru: Vidal Sassoon

Machi: Horse shampoo from Bene, super moist


8. What’s your favourite kind of food?

Kamijo: Eel

Mayu: Ramen

Emiru: Shrimp chili

Machi: Chocolate


9. What’s your least favourite kind of food?

Kamijo: Wasabi

Mayu: Sea urchin

Emiru: Vegetables


10. What do you always have in your refrigerator?

Mayu: Juice

Emiru: Mayonnaise

Machi: Chocolate


11. What kind of tobacco do you smoke?

Kamijo: Serum Pianissimo 1mg

Mayu: Serum Pianissimo 1mg

Emiru: Serum One

Machi: Tabit Off 1mg


13. What’s your favourite onigiri ingredient?

Emiru: Dried bonito

Machi: Rice with red beans


15. What item do you always carry with you?

Kamijo: Matrix-like sunglasses

Mayu: Tobacco

Emiru: A mirror

Machi: Letters from fans


17. Do you have any pets?

Kamijo: Parrot

Mayu: Cat

Emiru: I want a cat or a penguin

Machi: Jellyfish


18. What’s your favourite season? Why?

Kamijo: Winter. Because I can wear a coat.

Mayu: Summer. Because of the sun.

Emiru: Fall.

Machi: Fall.


19. What does the word “winter” make you think of?

Mayu: Kettle

Emiru: Snow and Christmas

Machi: Fuyu Tokyo


20. Where was the first place you lived by yourself?

Kamijo: Shinjuku

Emiru: Tokyo


21. What was the first CD you bought?

Mayu: I forgot

Emiru: The soundtrack to Dragon Quest IV



22. What magazine do you often read?

Kamijo: Sound Recording Magazine

Mayu: Music magazines

Emiru: [Shonen] Jump

Machi: Drum Magazine, Vicious, New Type


23. What unexpected events have happened recently?


24. Please tell us your favourite clothing brand.


Emiru: Gucci


25. What’s the current melody on your cell phone?

Kamijo: LAREINE’s “Billet ~osanaki natsu no binsen~”

Emiru: Piro piro piro~!

Machi: Piro piro


26. Please tell us what your favourite television show is.

Kamijo: “Sekai no shasou kara”

Mayu: “Warau inu no seikatsu”

Emiru: “London Hearts”

Machi: “Meikyoku album sen”


27. What are you spending most money on right now?

Kamijo: DTM machines

Mayu: Food

Emiru: Car

Machi: Moving



Kamijo: Paul Moria CD

Mayu: Pillow

Emiru: My own room

Machi: Aroma candles


29. What do you do to relieve stress?

Kamijo: Aroma baths

Mayu: Batting center

Emiru: Pachinko or driving

Machi: Watch good movies


30. What have cheered you up lately?


31. What kind of animal would you be?

Kamijo: Bird

Mayu: Dog

Emiru: …

Machi: Duck


32. What kind of place did you grow up in?

Kamijo: We could see the sea, and the place is well known for it’s roses.

Emiru: …


33. What’s your favourite New Year’s food?

Kamijo: Black beans

Mayu: Ozouni [rice cakes boiled with vegetables]

Emiru: Rice cakes

Machi: Rice cakes


34. Which presents from fans have made you happy?

Kamijo: Game Boy Color

Mayu: Clothes

Emiru: Tobacco

Machi: Perfumes, pocket watch


35. Which presents from fans have not made you happy?


37. What kind of girls do you prefer?

Kamijo: A smart person

Mayu: An interesting person

Emiru: A very bright [happy, smiling] person

Machi: An elegant person


38. Who would you like to work with?

Kamijo: Moe Yamaguchi

Emiru: Mission, Yuri from YURI MARI


39. If you were a girl, which [band] member would you go out with? Why?

Kamijo: No answer

Mayu: Myself. I don’t like other people.

Emiru: None

Machi: None


40. What kind of person is Kamijo?

Kamijo: Lion

Mayu: Serious

Emiru: Strange


41. What kind of person is Mayu?

Mayu: Normal

Emiru: Strange. He keeps to himself, and doesn’t open up to people.

Machi: Cool


42. What kind of person is Emiru?

Mayu: Like a sister

Emiru: The most decent one

Machi: A gambler


43. What kind of person is Machi?

Kamijo: Frog

Mayu: Normal

Emiru: Strange.

Machi: It’s a secret


44. Name one thing that has been popular among you lately.

Kamijo: Tetris Jr.


45. What’s something Kamijo says often?

Mayu: That’s no good

Machi: This isn’t good?


46. What’s something Mayu  says often?

Kamijo: Pofuh (when he smokes)

Mayu: Haa~

Emiru: Ou…

Machi: Oryo


47. What’s something Emiru says often?

Kamijo: Shit!

Mayu: Igu~

Emiru: ?


48. What’s something Machi says often?

Kamijo: I just have to go to the convenience store

Mayu: I just have to go to the toilet

Emiru: Hiihihi

Machi: That’s right


49. What has your heart been beating for lately?

Kamijo: Riyoko Ikeda’s album

Mayu: Books

Emiru: …


50. What made you laugh the most lately?

Kamijo: Mistranslated French

Machi: Someone stole my doorscope


51. Are you facing any challenges now?

Kamijo: Dragon Quest VII

Mayu: The computer

Emiru: Sports! Ping-pong, basket and badminton.

Machi: Composing songs with imac


52. If one of your wishes could come true, what would it be?

Mayu: To have an IQ of 2000

Emiru: A stable life

Machi: To return to my own world


53. What kind of praise do you want to hear right now?

Kamijo: You did a great job with the recording

Mayu: Nothing in particular


54. What do you want to do by the year 2000?

Kamijo: A secret live

Mayu: Buy an imac

Emiru: Save money. More than 10,000 yen.

Machi: Complete the album and revive LAREINE


55. Please say something to the fans reading this?

Kamijo: Since we have made a wonderful album, please listen to it.

Mayu: Buy the album, ok?

Emiru: Boys be ambitious…

Machi: I look forward to meet you again in the year 2000. Our album will be great.

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