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Been able to spend a lot of time with friends lately, which has been great :D

On Monday we took the train out to Chiba-ken to visit Riyo. Her birthday was on the 3rd of March, so we brought cake!

Struggling to cut it...

It's still pretty cold in the afternoon, so we gathered around the kotatsu to eat and watch a movie. Wish I had space at home for a kotatsu myself... It's so comfortable (´o`)

Cake and tea ♡

And lots of colourful candies!

They have a couple of dogs, and Mona was kind enough to keep us company (though a little scared of the strangers).

She's cute (´∀`) I miss having a dog around. Lived with dogs from I was born till I moved out at 17. I had my own dog at that time, but couldn't have pets at the new place I was living, so she had to stay with my parents. Still got to see her every time I visited though, until she passed away from cancer when I was 21...

Anyway. Couldn't spend the night this time though, as we had plans for the next morning! Woke up early and headed in the opposite direction, to Tama and Sanrio Puroland.

Allowing ourselves to be children for the day...

Lunch, lol:

You got to keep the bento box♪

I'm not a fan of any particular Sanrio characters, nor do I even know half of them. But I don't mind spending the day walking among cute stuff either.

The place looked pretty neat inside. Difficult to show via pictures, but it was like walking through some fairytale-style Disney forest.

Random shots...

Characters walking around taking photos with people:

Souvenir that followed us home, to make up for the fact that there was no giant Pochacco to be found☆

Tomorrow we'll be seeing THE VELVET at Ikebukuro EDGE again :) Several interesting bands appearing, and I'll get to meet the Tokami fans again. Looks like we're all meeting up early to stop by 31 for ice cream (Supposed to be 17℃ and sunny.), so will have to try and wake up early again. But looking forward to hang out with everyone♡

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