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Summer: Aug 29

Part 7 - lots of pictures

The definite highlight of last week! Went to Fuji Safari Park :D

The park is close to Mt. Fuji - we were even going to the same station as the people climbing the mountain (Lots of people in mountain walking gear around). So we took the Romance Car (express train) from Shinjuku so we wouldn't lose too much time before arriving at our destination. The train was really comfortable ♪( ´▽`) We were in the front car, lots of space:

Enjoyed being able to sit back and enjoy the scenery going by, rather than being sandwiched between people on the normal train. Rapidly leaving the city behind:

Once we got to Gotenba station, we had to locate the local bus that would stop outside the Safari park. No signs etc. around, but managed to find it just in time for its departure with the help of another bus driver.

The bus ride took about 40 minutes. Not much to see along the way, mostly grassy fields. Until we finally reached this place :D

↑That's our safari bus in the background - "the white rhino".

Never been this up close and personal with these kind of animals before! Entering the bus we were handed boxes of various food, like raw pieces of meat:

Inside our cage:

First stop were the bears.

Fed them apples and carrots. The meat was reserved for these guys:

The females weren't too interested, but we were quickly surrounded by male lions.

Dinner time!

Feels really cool to have experienced feeding lions :)

There were surprisingly many lions in the park. Too many to count.

Some were chilling up in the trees:

Drove past tigers too, but they were a bit more reserved, not approaching us.

The cheetas were fun to watch. They had a lot of youngsters there playing about. There were also elephants and rhinos, until we reached the llamas, which we fed too.

random camel joined them...

The safari took about an hour. After that we were free to walk about and interact with the other animals.

Lazy kangaroos!

My favourite were the lion cubs. You were even allowed to hold the smallest one ♪ The big ones are 3 months old (10kg), the other one 2 months old (5kg). All boys.

Feeding the small one milk. The others kept attacking her legs x)

They had lots of other big cats around too! I liked the "reopards", lol...

↑mother and cub

Met this little guy... Is it a wallaby?

It absolutely loved my dress, especially the lace.

Adorable x)

Next to it were the small monkeys ♡

Then had to run to the bus stop since the Romance Car was leaving from Gotenba station at 6pm.

Got a glimps of Mt. Fuji from the station (between the buildings).

Our train

Got a couple of souvenirs. The water bottle contains water from Fuji ☆

Really a perfect daytrip :D The Safari park doesn't seem to be too welk known overseas(?) It's definitely worth a visit. Would love to go back later ♡

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