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The past 48 hours have been one long day with barely 30 minutes of poor sleep. But it has also been a lot of fun :D

↑That's mainly what occupied Wednesday.
Not to interested in the other bands appearing, but I really like some of the fans of Li'call and SaTaN. Glad the contact person from Li'call will be at Rainman's shusai on March 1st too :)

Watched the first band, Silver Linings, from the front row together with Akari and Marie. Took a break durinp Li'call, before THE VELVET played third. Nice to have them play early.

None of us were to happy about getting Risoutekina saru for two lives in a row... But the begining of Seijaku made up for it by having MiMi fall off the stage XD I'm glad he didn't seem to hurt himself too much, or land on top of anyone etc. But that was hilarious, lol.

Announcement: sponsored event on May 31st. Hope they'll find some good bands to team up with (Would be happy if Art Cube was one of them). Unfortunately it's on the same day as Elm and Gallo's twoman live... which means most of the jouren will probably not come. (@MiMi: Elm's oneman was the reason why so few people came to the live at AREA this Wednesday too...)

Hayato did drums this time. The new haircut suits him!

This was also the only live for February, which means Valentine! Gave some chocolate to the guys, and got some gifts from the girls:

Making a scrapbook for stuff happening this year, so put some of it in there.

Tomomi also joined us, so that we could celebrate a belated birthday with her. I had to leave early though, as I had to get up around 3am this morning (*_*) (Does that even qualify as ”morning”??)

Still really dark and cold outside when I had to go out.

Waiting for my train change at Yotsuya:

Had to go all the way to Tsudanuma by train, where we would continue by car.
It was for something fun though! :D Kamogawa Seaworld.

Had never been there before, but it was great. I LOVED the fact that they had killer whales there. And they even took photos of you posing with the animals.

Various pics:

Taiyaki ♪

Mine had custard cream inside (^o^)

Then we ate some proper food. I had raw fish (forgot what kind) flavoured with sauce, together with rice (under the fish) etc.

After Seaworld, we went flower picking! I could take all the flowers I wanted:

↑The sea was right nearby.

Moko and Mona also joined us:

Mona is adorable...

Stopped for some special soy milk icecream, which is supposed to be shared with a dog...

We were heading back to Tsudanuma at this point, as we'd been out for more than 14 hours allready. But took a different route so I would get to see the Tokyo Aqualine (bridge connecting Chiba pref. and Kanagawa pref. Here I'm standing in Chiba, looking over Tokyo Bay, at Tokyo and Yokohama.

Inside they had started preparing for the Hina matsuri.

Had a LOT of fun, and appreciate all the new experiences I had the chance to take part in :)

When I finally got home I could open the little Seaworld gift I had been given earlier .

↑With the flowers I got in the background.
The charm is perfect (^o^) Cute little killer of whales...

Now I'm starting to fall asleep for real, so I guess I'll stop here for now.

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