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It's March, and the sakura will be blooming in a couple of weeks :)

Most of my plans for this month will take part during the last half of the month, starting tomorrow. But a few events so far:

March 1st we went to Rainman's last live. Somewhat fittingly it was indeed raining...

Special last-live tickets, and the audience pass was cute.

I was so dead this day (*_*) The entire previous week had been incredibly busy, and I'd barely slept at all. So I was a zombie, looking like crap, and most of all just wanting to go home to my bed. But I had commitments regarding the fans of the other bands, so that wasn't really an option... But Miki was coming from Kobe this day, and Riyo would meet up with us later for dinner, so I didn't want to miss that either :D

Me and Ayaka left after Velvet were done, and met up with Riyo at Starbucks. Akari and Miki joined us after Rainman for dinner at a Japanese place near the station, while waiting for Miki's bus.

So tired.... (= ̄ ρ ̄=)

But thankfully had a lot of time to rest since then! Been enjoying relaxing in cafes with my Kindle. I'd like to finish the rest of the ”A song of Ice and Fire” series (that has been written so far) before Game of Thrones start up again. I like how unpredictable the story is... Not too many left among my favourite characters by now though f^_^;)

Then everyday activities was interrupted by another live. Got White Day chocolates there ♡:

Don't think I'd seen Glam Grammar before. The most popular band at this event by far, though most of their fans left after they were done playing, so the venue got kinda empty:

↑Before Delta Ark's set. Still waiting for Velvet...

Had lots of fun at this live though :) Riyo liked a couple of the other bands playing, so she joined us. Camping out on the floor:

LAZAROUS had improved since I saw them last year, and I quite enjoyed their set. The guitarist later came over to give me their CD :) Haven't had the chance to listen to it yet, but at least it looks nice...

Afterwards we went to Gusto to eat. Strawberries are still in season ♡


For something completely different - This weekend we journeyed westwards, to the Kanagawa prefecture. The weather was great on Saturday, compared to the almost typhoon-like storm + cold weather prior to it. Went to Zoorasia (Yokohama Zoo) for the first time (^o^)

It takes some time getting there, but got a seat on both the trains and bus, so it was a fairly comfortable ride.
Waiting for the local bus outside Nakayama station to take us the last 15 minutes out to the park:

I like how the park is designed. There are different areas for the various animals depending on where in the world they come from, and you follow one trail through it all. It's much more of a nature trail compared to the Ueno Zoo, and is much less crowded and more relaxed.

↑Otter. Swimming too fast to get a proper picture, but it was neat to see him swim that close!


And cute fox:

The maqacues are also some of the most interesting animals to watch. Especially in spring when there are more babies around.

Two of the kids found a large piece of bark, which they put over a rock and made a sort of seesaw swing out of it x)

Cute okapi and elephant dessertsmat one of the restaurants

We had to get back into town though, so had lunch at the Starbucks in Omotesando instead.

Want to go back to that zoo another day when we have a little bit more time to explore everything. Although it's a little bit far, it doesn't really take that much more time to go to than Ueno for me.

Back in Tokyo I wanted to stop by Kiddyland while we were in the area. On our way there it was a pleasant surprise to find Kinokuniya were giving away English books for free in Omotesando dori! :) Sometimes it's nice to be among the minority here who can actually read them... Have so many books I want to read atm though (^_^;)

At Kiddyland there was evidence for Frozen finally being released in Japan this weekend!

Seeing it on Wednesday :D Apparently a lot of the nature, buildings, etc. was inspired by Norway, so that will be interesting to see!


Now back to make some progress on all those books...

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