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Disneyland spring 2014

Will devide the last few days into two entries...

On Monday we got up early to head out to Maihama and Disneyland! :D

Hadn't been there since spring last year, so was really looking forward to it. The park was really crowded since all the schools are in the middle of spring vacation atm. Even when we bought our tickets two weeks ago we had to stand in line for almost half an hour at the ticket counter... But we still got to ride a lot of stuff!

Started out with ice cream breakfast when arriving ☆

The weather was really nice that day! Even too hot to be wearing a jacket most of the time while the sun was still up.

After getting FastPasses for one of the more popular rollercoasters, we went to line up for Pooh's Honey Hunt ♪ It was a 140min. wait, but we had lots of fun just talking. We were also selected to time the wait:

The outside of the Honey Hunt ride is really cute.

Entering the book:

Lunch at the Bear restaurant afterwards.

Then off to line up for the Haunted Mansion!

And just as we were waiting, the nearby parade started, providing us with entertainment :D

↑the thing was going ”Mine?! Mine?! Mine?!”

↑They've added Rapunzel ♡ Hope we'll get Merida and Anna eventually too!

After Haunted Mansion, we had just enough time for a short dinner at the Alice restaurant before the time slot when we had to use the FastPasses we got earlier.

↑Very good white chocolate pudding. We got to keep the cups :)

Later in the evening we went to Space Mountain. I had never ridden it before... It's a really fast rollercoaster in complete darkness.

It was really fun! SCARY! but fun x)

Little Green Men and Mike snack while waiting 3 hours in line f^_^;)

After that, many people had started leaving as it was getting late and the park would soon be closing. Thanks to that, the wait for Pirates of the Caribbean was only 5 minutes, so we got to ride that too (^o^)
Then got some souvenirs and headed home. Was a great day! Hope we can go to DisneySea later this year too. Sea is nice during summer, as it has a lot of places where you can escape the extreme heat.

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